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Webinar: Digitize the office of the CIO with ServiceNow

How to effectively run IT organization with ServiceNow?

We will present the way the new CIO can run his business in digitial way. New technology delivered through ServiceNow platform enables the CIO to have overview of the way the entire IT ecosystem operates and performs.

From real time view of the performance of the critical systems and infrastructure through business satisfaction and commitments to an actual visibility of the in flight projects and programs delivered both in waterfall and agile way. 

Attendees will see how modern and automated CMDB can cover both on-prem and cloud environments and present detail critical system topology and how this information can be leveraged in operational decisions.

We will demonstrate how agile and waterfall projects can be effectively run with the use of central platform delivering, in conjunction with operational data, the real time transparency across the entire organization.

Key takeaways:

  • How to effectively run IT organization

  • Digital CMDB with integrated data discovery empowering IT operations in real time

  • Transparency of IT projects and operations

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2020-11-12, 10:00 (to wydarzenie już się odbyło)

Miejsce: Webinar
Organizator: Deloitte