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The Great Resignation & Remote Work

The BPCC and Playroll will be looking at a practical solution to the thorny problem of full-remote working. Finding employees in another country to work for you is a great solution, but it creates problems around taxation and social security. How can you create a cross-border employer-employee relationship that is beneficial to both parties while being 100% legit? The answer is to work through an employer of record (EoR).

Companies using the EoR model can now retain top talent or explore new markets with greater ease. Example: a rapidly-growing Polish tech firm wanted to expand services to the UK. It hired five local sales reps in the UK to obtain British customers. Instead of opening a separate legal entity in the UK to employ them, the Polish client hired the five reps via the Playroll EoR platform.  Another example - when employees decide to relocate; a UK firm had a request from its lead developer to return to Poland. Instead of denying the request and losing the employee, the firm re-hired the employee through Playroll in Poland, thus retaining that key talent.
Join Brendon Silver, co-founder and CEO at Playroll to understand how the pandemic has sparked the largest change in how the global workforce operates. Remote work is here to stay, and companies need to understand how to respond to this shift to retain and hire key talent.

2022-03-02, 10:00 (to wydarzenie już się odbyło)

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Organizator: BPCC, Playroll