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Rödl & Partner’s ANNIVERSARY. GDPR – privacy issues and new technologies

With the rise of digital technology, personal data processing is proving to be a powerful tool in business. The use of the collected data may be of great value but it can also lead to serious violations of fundamental rights and freedoms. The use of modern data processing techniques allows businesses to gain a competitive edge, generate savings and tailor customer service. It can also have negative consequences and raise concerns about privacy.

During the webinar, we will tell you how to skilfully use law and technology to apply the GDPR in a way that allows you to seize the opportunities while protecting your business from the threats posed by technological progress. We will discuss the trends and challenges of the changing world.

Jarosław Kamiński, Attorney at Law (Poland), Associate Partner
Adam Wódz, Manager, Regulatory Attestations & Control, Standard Chartered

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2022-09-22, 14:00 (to wydarzenie już się odbyło)

Miejsce: Online
Organizator: Rödl & Partner