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MDDP on Polish Taxes I e-invoicing in Poland from 2023

As the derogation was granted, Poland is on its way to implement a mandatory e-invoicing model. Invoices will be issued and received in a standardized XSD format through a governmental clearing system  (the local abbreviation KSeF is often used).
This is a revolution in the settlements of companies in the field of VAT, and the process of implementing the KSeF in companies requires many changes in operating, accounting and IT systems and is very time-consuming. Only proper and early planning of the process of implementing structured invoices will allow the company to be properly prepared for those changes.

What, when and in what order should  be changed? What to pay special attention to? How will the process of sending and receiving structured invoices look like in practice? What do these changes mean for foreign taxpayers and international companies operating in Poland?

Presenting these new solutions, we will focus on to their practical aspects related to the application of the new regulations, including:

  1. New methods issuing and receiving invoices via KSeF.
  2. How to handle issuing e-invoices in batches.
  3. Granting authorization to use KSeF – what kind and for whom.
  4. Main challenges and necessary changes in internal processes, procedures and contractual requirements.
  5. How to prepare for obligatory e-invoicing?


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2022-06-21, 14:00 (to wydarzenie już się odbyło)

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