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HR Law Poland - Executive Summary

During “What’s new in HR law in Poland”, a pilot event for our new online webinar series, English-only format “HR Law Poland: Executive Summary”, Sławek Paruch and Marcin Sanetra will discuss the key legal and market factors impacting international employers in Poland in 2022 and 2023.

They will explain:

1) how various EU laws are implemented in Poland, why it’s such a painful process, and how to account for it while driving organizational change, e.g.:

    when the delayed whistleblower directive should be expected;
    how the discussion around the work-life balance regulation is going to impact the employees’ expectations;
    how to manage legal projects at a company given the high level of uncertainty about timing and scope of new law;

2) what are the crucial decisions to make as resulting from the changes in local law, in particular:

    remote work & workation;
    changes in employment contract types and structures;
    impact of “Polish Deal” tax revolution as coupled with economic downturn.

Participants will be able to ask questions and provide their own insights on the challenges and opportunities their organizations faced in 2022 and prepare for in 2023.

“HR Law Poland: Executive Summary” is a short, monthly meeting in English providing key international stakeholders within our Clients’ local and global structures with an update about most important developments in HR law that affect their organizations in Poland. Designed to allow executives, managers and decisionmakers to access PCS | Littler’s crucial resources and knowledge in English, “HR Law Poland: Executive Summary” will be run by Marcin Sanetra, a senior associate qualified to practice in Poland and in New York. Marcin and the guests he’ll be inviting every month will use their international experience to provide strategic knowledge about the legal and market environment and developments in Poland – to provide sufficient background for the clients to make educated, effective decisions in all HR matters.

Free entry. The event will be held in English.

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2022-09-30, 12:00 (to wydarzenie już się odbyło)

Miejsce: online
Organizator: PCS Litter