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Streszczenie:If you are thinking of setting up in business or buying an existing business in the UK, Windmill Gąsiewski & Roman, a law firm with offices in Warsaw and Gdańsk and a long history of advising international clients, has set up its own discrete group to provide this advice. The group is able to advise on all the legal issues faced by business.

This group works to help Polish companies looking to build up business and to take advantage of the growing trading links between Poland and the UK and the opportunities which these present. More and more Polish entrepreneurs are looking at starting a business in the UK, not least because it is so much easier than in Poland.

The group is lead by partners Robert Windmill and Nicholas Richardson, both qualified English solicitors with over 30 years experience between them in leading UK commercial law firms advising international clients who wish to do business in the UK. Robert and Nicholas have between them some 60 years experience both in the City of London and in Warsaw; Nicholas is vice-chairman and secretary of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw. The group is a new departure for firms here in Poland and has the district advantage that it is headed up by lawyers who understand UK business practices and can advise on UK law – if necessary in Polish

We are happy to share our knowledge with Polish companies considering UK market entry or who are already established there, whether by way of an informal discussion to understand the lie of the land, or to help local decision making needed to achieve their business objectives if they have a specific transaction in mind. Whatever the reason is, if there is something that you would like to know, please ask.

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