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UKCA to replace CE mark in Britain from 1 January 2023

The BPCC held a webinar for its Manufacturing Industries Policy Group about the change from the CE mark to the new UKCA mark (UK Conformity Assessment). The direct result of Brexit, it is a sign that the UK will be setting its own standards, which will slowly begin to diverge from those applicable across the EU and EEA. The event, held on 29 June, was aimed at all manufacturers in Poland who are producing and exporting products to the UK currently displaying the CE mark.

The BPCC’s chief advisor, Michael Dembinski, opened the webinar, explaining the political nature of the transition to the UKCA standard in the broader context of post-Brexit trade with the EU.

Marzena Kwaśna, business development manager at the London office of Poland’s export promotion agency PAIH, gave an up-to-date macroeconomic overview of the UK market and opportunities for Polish exporters given the large number of western European firms that have ceased selling to Britain. She said that the UK remains a large, wealthy and absorbent market, and that Polish firms now have a chance to increase sales, as long as they are prepared to comply with the new, and more difficult, trading regime.

Aneta Sawicka, assurance sales manager of BSI Group Polska, outlined the changes – which product categories they would concern, how to apply for the UKCA mark (and to whom), and the transition periods from the current regime to full implementation. She noted that UKCA applied only to Breat Britain (England, Scotland and Wales), and that Northern Ireland will have its own scheme (UKNI); as Northern Ireland remains in the single European market and Customs Union, goods from Poland sold there can continue displaying the CE mark, while those made on the British mainland will require UKNI certification.

There were several detailed questions from participants; given the interest in the UK market and the frequency of changes to the scheme (the most recent being announced on 20 June), the BPCC will be returning to the subject sometime after the summer.

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2022-06-29, 10:00

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