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2016-02-23, 05:00 pm

Speed Business Meeting Poznań

Speed Business Meeting is a unique formula in which participants take part in a series of direct meetings, during which you will have a chance to present your company, exchange business cards, make new contacts and find new customers, suppliers, investors.

Category: Events
2017-04-25, 11:45 am

Annual General Meeting of the Chamber

The British Polish Chamber of Commerce is an English company limited by guarantee.

Category: Events
2018-07-18, 09:30 am

The modern office and Polish health and safety regs: How to square the realities of today's activity-based workplace with the legal requirements?

Poland's health and safety at work regulations date back to 1998 and offices full of old-style computers with boxy cathode-ray monitors.

Category: Events
2021-12-20, 12:00 am

Less carbon, less water, less waste – helping Polish homes go green

Sébastien Krysiak, Castorama Polska’s CEO, talks to the BPCC’s Michael Dembinski about how Poland’s largest chain of home-improvement stores is working with its customers for a greener world

Category: News
2015-09-12, 07:00 pm

XX Jubilee Last Night of the Proms in Kraków

British Polish Chamber of Commerce recommends XX Jubilee Last Night of the Proms in Kraków

Category: Events
2016-02-29, 01:09 pm

Speed Business Meeting & Mixer

On 23rd February, 2015 in the Hotel Andersia another business networking event organized by the British Polish Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the German Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Belgian Chamber of Commerce, Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Poland and Polish-French Chamber of Commerce  took place.

Category: Event coverage
2017-01-24, 05:30 pm

BPCC Kraków invites you to its New Year's Cocktail Party

This is the first event in the new location of BPCC Kraków - to start off the New Year smoothly, and to share with you the prospects for 2017, which marks the 25th anniversary of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Category: Events
2020-02-19, 09:00 am

11th International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS TIME

KIDS' TIME 2019 - the record-breaking child business-sector's expo

Category: Events
2021-05-27, 12:00 am

May 30, World Juice Day. 5 key features of floors used in juice production facility – Flowcrete experts’ advice

World Juice Day, as every year, is an opportunity to summarize the trends in the production and consumption of juices in Poland. It is also worth paying attention to finishing materials used in fruit and vegetable processing plants, such as resin floors. This is one of the factors which, apart from raw materials, recipes and technology, determines the quality of the final product. When choosing a flooring system, it is worth taking into consideration Flowcrete experts’ advice on features, which are of key importance in the juice production facilities.

Category: News
2022-03-02, 10:00 am

The Great Resignation & Remote Work

The BPCC and Playroll will be looking at a practical solution to the thorny problem of full-remote working. Finding employees in another country to work for you is a great solution, but it creates problems around taxation and social security. How can you create a cross-border employer-employee relationship that is beneficial to both parties while being 100% legit? The answer is to work through an employer of record (EoR).

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