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2016-02-26, 09:42 am

BPCC Burns Night warms the chill of a late-January Warsaw night

Scotland’s national poet was honoured in Warsaw – much as he is around the whole world – with a Burns Night event organised by the BPCC.

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2019-01-23, 06:30 pm

Robert Burns Night

The British Polish Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure  to invite you to Robert Burns Night.

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How to attract employees to robotisation?

SummaryHaving simple office work done by robots becomes a growing trend in companies. However, the implementation of RPA technology often raises staff objections. How then shall we prepare the team for the implementation of robotisation?

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2022-09-22, 10:00 am

Zarządzanie zmianami w firmie, a wdrożenie M365

Świat się zmienił, hybrydowy model pracy nikogo już nie dziwi, a technologia, która wspiera nas na co dzień, wciąż ewoluuje. To wszystko staje się aktualne, gdy weźmiemy pod uwagę fakt, że: 97% pracowników liczy na pracę zdalną lub w modelu hybrydowym 66% firm rozważa przeprojektowanie swoich biur, aby wspierać pracę hybrydową.

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2015-05-11, 09:00 am

Judgement: The Essence of Effective Leadership

It’s clear that some people have better Judgement than others. But what sets them apart? Although most people would say intelligence, that doesn’t account for the abundance of very smart people who continually make very bad decisions.

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2018-01-25, 06:30 pm

PBLINK Burns Night Networking 2018 in Edinburgh

Join our annual Burns Night Business Networking event in Edinburgh and celebrate New Year!

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2018-01-25, 06:00 pm

Robert Burns Night

Robert Burns Night

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2019-02-22, 08:30 am

Construction breakfast

Please join us for the first BPCC's and SPCC’s Construction & Real Estate Breakfast. This is initiative takes the BPCC's sector forum for experts and broadens it to include members of the Scandinavian chamber, to jointly discuss the Polish market in the built environment

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2020-01-30, 05:30 pm

Robert Burns Networking Night

The British Polish Chamber of Commerce has the pleasure to invite you to Robert Burns Networking Night

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2020-11-24, 10:00 am

Czy fundacja rodzinna pomoże zbudować w Polsce wielopokoleniowe firmy?

Podstawowe zasady funkcjonowania fundacji rodzinnej. Stan prac legislacyjnych

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