Report: Women in Finance


Ist Edtion

Ambitious, hard-working and well-educated – the "Women in Finance" report, published by Antal and CFA Society Poland, shows that more and more Polish women are making it into senior management roles. The finance sector, which has traditionally been dominated by men, is slowly becoming more inclusive towards women. Their impact on the male-dominated field of finance is growing, as is the number of women chief financial officers. What lies at the root of that trend? The main contributing factor are the growing aspirations of women, who are increasingly often eager to acquire professional qualifications and take advantage of the growing openness of the sector and employers. Comprehensive career development and equal opportunities programs targeted at women have been implemented in the last few years. Furthermore, companies that engage in such practices have noticed a boost to efficiency and other advantages of introducing a diversity-focused organisational structure. It is worth noting, however, that despite some progress being made, women still find it harder than man to succeed because of the social roles that they are expected to fill, their family obligations and stereotyping.


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