Uproszczone postępowanie restrukturyzacyjne – elementem powszechnie obowiązującego prawa

Na temat uproszczonego postępowania restrukturyzacyjnego wprowadzonego tzw. przepisami COVID pisaliśmy w publikacji z dnia 5 stycznia 2021 roku zatytułowanego „Ochrona majątku przedsiębiorcy w kryzysie – uproszczone postępowanie restrukturyzacyjne” (https://archive.bpcc.org.pl/pl/publikacje/ochrona-majatku-przedsiebiorcy-w-kryzysie-uproszone-postepowanie-restrukturyzacyjne)


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Covid hurt bilateral UK-Polish trade more than Brexit in 2020

BPCC’s Chief Advisor comments on 2020 UK-Polish trade

Author: BPCC

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Six years after the brexit referendum - the relationship between the UK and the EU

Few people outside the UK realise that six years have already passed in June this year since the day the British people decided in a referendum to leave the structures of the European Union. Global events of recent years, such as the COVIDCovid-19 pandemic or the outbreak of war in Ukraine, have slightly overshadowed the media attention directed towards the UK’s withdrawal. However, the phenomenon of Brexit still continues to have far- reaching implications for every sector of the economy, with wide- reaching consequences for everyday life. These effects will certainly remain with us for many decades to come. Therefore, the question of the separation of long and deeply integrated economies has become the focus of social, economic and legal research.

Author: Kochański & Partners

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Real estate company tax revolution

The beginning of 2021 welcomed us with a new definition of a real estate company within the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Act. Along with the new business type, the legislator introduced additional obligations for such a company and its partners. What do you need to know about real estate companies according to new regulations?

Author: BC Advanced Solutions Sp. z o.o.

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Dispute resolution during a pandemic time

How to resolve disputes when the courts are not functioning? Where to go for help regarding a business dispute at this particular time? What about disputes which are already pending in court?

Author: Taylor Wessing

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Brexit: The Polish parliament has passed legislation regulating the run off of insurance contracts concluded by UK insurers

On 19 February 2021, the Senate (upper house) passed the Act amending the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments and Certain Other Acts (the "Act"), which introduces long-awaited rules for the run off of UK insurers' policies following Brexit.

Author: Domański Zakrzewski Palinka sp. k.

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Tax aspects of UK–EU trade in goods which should be considered after Brexit

Although the UK formally left the European Union on 31 January 2020, thanks to the transition period, for businesses and consumers Brexit really took effect on 1 January 2021 when the UK withdrew from the single European market and Customs Union.

Author: Katarzyna Adamowicz, head of tax, KR Group

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Announced facilities for import VAT settlements

A bill of the amendments in the scope of simplified import VAT settlement procedure has been recently announced by the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology. The act was officially published on 20 March 2019.

Author: Accreo

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