West 4 Business Hub gets an occupancy permit

Echo Investment has completed works on the first stage of construction of the West 4 Business Hub office complex. The building has been put into use. Employees of Sii Polska were the first tenants to move into their new headquarters in Wrocław.

The Wrocław office market has increased its space with another 15.5 thousand square meters. The construction of the first stage of the West4 Business Hub, commenced in February 2019, was finalized with an occupancy permit in August. Thus, a five-storey office building with a white façade, standing out from the already completed Echo Investment's office buildings - West Gate and West Link, has begun to work, and together with it the employees of Sii Polska, one of the largest employers in the Polish IT industry.

“The first building of the West 4 Business Hub complex put into use is a realization of our strategy of creating modern office projects along ul. Na Ostatnim Groszu. We supply the Wrocław office market with a well-designed, but most of all safe space to work. West 4 Business Hub is our second investment, following the Warsaw office building The Villa Offices, which was launched in the times of epidemiological threat and whose schedule, despite the difficult situation, has not changed. Thanks to that, the employees of our tenant – Sii – were able to begin working there on time. As owners of office buildings we want to use every possible tool to enhance the comfort of our tenants. Thanks to the implementation of the "Five for safety" program, as well as other technological solutions, the employees of our tenants will be able to feel safe in the building,” says Katarzyna Kubicka, the regional director in Echo Investment's offices department.

Our priority – health and safety

"Five for safety" is a program that covers the West 4 Business Hub office building. It comprises a series of rules and procedures focused on five areas: disinfection, protection, social distancing, information, and communication. There are recommendations such as disinfection of common areas every 30 minutes, gloves and face masks available at the front desk, the “clean in & clean out” rules for all building employees and service staff, recommendation of one-way traffic (persons entering the building go by elevator, persons leaving go by stairs), dedicated arrangement of furniture in common areas or transparent information about disinfection and cleaning in common areas – reports in a visible place.

West 4 Business Hub is also one of the first buildings where Echo Investment is installing special systems improving the quality of air in the building. These devices purify the air, drawing on solutions naturally occurring in nature. The technology can be used freely during normal use of the building, when people are staying inside it. Thanks to its implementation, ventilation systems will not spread toxic fungi, mold, bacteria, and viruses in the air, so that employees of the tenants will not be inhaling harmful pathogens and pollutants. Soon, the employees will also be able to use a mobile app, which will not only improve the use of the office building, but also, among other things, reduce the need to touch many elements of the space.

Sii Polska relocates its headquarters in Wrocław

Sii is one of the largest employers in the Polish IT industry. The company already employs over 4500 people, including over 500 people in Wrocław. The consequence of the dynamic development of the branch was the need to find a new office and the new West 4 Business Hub building offered a suitable option.

“The new, larger office space gives us not only further opportunities for development, but also increases the comfort of work and promotes integration of employees. Our specialists have at their disposal spacious designing rooms, numerous conference rooms and a high quality common area, where apart from leisure rooms the employees will also have a bright kitchen with a dining room open to the terrace. All this is available on one floor,” says Tomasz Omieciński, Regional Director in Sii Polska. “The office also has laboratories dedicated to projects carried out for clients, including QIAGEN. It is here that Sii's experts test the software on subsequent prototypes of the equipment which helps to quickly diagnose cancers or supports the development of DNA research,” he adds.

Sii realizes projects in 14 locations in Poland, and besides Wrocław its offices can also be found in Warsaw, Gdańsk, Kraków, Poznań, Łódź, Katowice, Rzeszów, Lublin, Piła, Częstochowa, Bydgoszcz, Gliwice, Białystok. Sii also operates 16 competence centers. These are units operating in the domain, locating their teams throughout Poland. Such centers specialize in specific areas of technology, such as Embedded, Digital, Business Intelligence, IT Operations, Office 365, SAP, Testing Services or BPO. The teams of competence centers also use the office in Wrocław.