Bilfinger Tebodin supports Hupac in their transport journey

Bilfinger Tebodin is supporting Hupac with a construction of a new terminal in Brwinów, Poland.

This railway terminal project has started in February 2021. Completion of the construction is planned for August 2022. The investment covers over 14 ha, which includes a transshipment area of over 42,000 m2, four loading tracks with a length of min. 750 m, office building and other necessary infrastructure.

Bilfinger Tebodin provides the investor supervision service by managing the construction and providing opinion by supervision inspectors on the solutions proposed by the general contractor. Operational start of the terminal is planned for September 2022.

Hupac terminal is located in the immediate vicinity of the railway route from Warsaw towards Żyrardów and Skierniewice. It will serve as a place for transshipment of containers from trains to cars and vice versa. Terminal could also provide services like transporting sensitive products, such as chemical cargo.

 “We are happy as a team to be able to show and use our experience and skills, especially knowing the importance and utility of transport services”, says Andrzej Smolaga, Project Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin.

This is Bilfinger Tebodin's first contract with Hupac, but not with the transport industry - Bilfinger Tebodin designed and carried out investor supervision for the construction of the PCC terminal in Kutno.