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BPCC Membership Offer 2022

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The BPCC – the pre-eminent British-Polish business network; join a winning team and empower us to network your business

Our pledge to members:

  • We reinvest financial surplus in improving our member services and resources in a sustainable way

  • We ensure a strong, effective business representation is available through our policy groups which are open to all members and have a clear remit

  • We publicise and celebrate your business' activities and successes

  • We are accountable to you for how your Chamber is managed

  • We respond and represent your business issues to the right people in a timely and effective manner

Introducing the BPCC

Who we are

We’ve been networking business relationships in Poland since the early days of the market economy. Today we reach out across Poland and the UK promoting the best of each country. Our executive team works with you to support your business growth. Partnership and networking is at the very heart of what we do. Whether you are a large global corporate or a small company employing a few people – if you’re doing business between Poland and the UK – we want to speak with you. In recent years we have been recognised as the best British chamber in continental Europe. We are active member of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). Joining us enables you to network and grow your business in Poland, one of Europe’s highest growth potential economies.

Our offer
Join us and we will make sure you get the best out of your membership:

  • Direct access to ~260 member companies

  • Investor advice and business data from market experts and sector specialists

  • Innovative B2B media: Contact magazine and website

  • Access to director-level commercial and government decision makers

  • First-class networking, certified training and VIP events

  • Support for importers and exporters from the UK and Poland

  • Up-to-the minute economic information and market sector intelligence

  • Customised products, on-demand services and individual offerings

Membership is corporate therefore, when your company joins, every employee is entitled to make use of the benefits offered by all the regional offices across Poland and the UK.

Services to UK exporters and investors:

  • We offer support services to help reduce your business risk and costs associate with entering the Polish market.

  • We are a credible, accessible source of news, information, advice and expertise.

Services to Polish and international companies:

  • We provide the opportunity to cooperate with UK investors, importers or exporters.

Ask our relationship management team about how we can promote your business.

BPCC Membership Offer 2022
Download the Membership Application Form