Legal Guide to Doing Business in Poland

Whether you intend to live, work, study or set up a business, in Poland (apart from some family or friend situation), you will at some stage require input from a lawyer of some sort. Poland is not an easy place to navigate at the best of times, and an understanding of the roles of its legal players will make things easier.

Legal Guide to Doing Business in Poland by 33 Bedford Row.

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(download as .pdf)

"In principle" - law not only for business by Wardyński & Partners.


The aim is for the journal to offer a broad forum for exchange of views enriching all fields of legal literature. We would also like it to serve as a tool enabling the authors to contribute actively to the development of case law. We believe that one of the overriding aims of the legal community should be to help ensure that the entire legal system in Poland functions harmoniously.

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1. Starting professional activity in Poland—what about taxes and social insurance?

2. Opening business in Poland—natural persons (individual business activity)

3. Education and healthcare for foreign nationals in Poland

4. Polish banking services for non-EU foreigners

5. Becoming a Polish (EU) citizen