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Remembering the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Poland

Throughout her long reign, Queen Elizabeth visited many countries around the world. Her visit to Poland on 25-27 March 1996, came at a critical juncture in the country’s history


Post-AGM Announcement

It is a great pleasure to share with you the results of BPCC's Annual General Meeting held on 15 September 2022.


125th anniversary of Jan Żabiński’s birth

On September 8, we celebrated the 125th anniversary of the birth of Jan Żabiński, an outstanding zoologist and long-time director of the Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw, educator, Home Army soldier and fighter in the Warsaw Uprising


Business & Law, Episode 22: Liability of the Investor and the Contractor for the Remuneration of Subcontractors

Joint and several liability of the investor and the contractor for the remuneration of subcontractors – this subject is discussed by Sylwia Moreu-Żak...


Rzeszów welcomes British investors

The BPCC was instrumental is putting together an event, entitled Doing Business with the UK, held in Rzeszów’s Urban Lab space on 23 September.


Six years after the brexit referendum - the relationship between the UK and the EU

Few people outside the UK realise that six years have already passed in June this year since the day the British people decided in a referendum to leave the structures of the European Union. Global events of recent years, such as the COVIDCovid-19 pandemic or the outbreak of war in Ukraine, have slightly overshadowed the media attention directed towards the UK’s withdrawal. However, the phenomenon of Brexit still continues to have far- reaching implications for every sector of the economy, with wide- reaching consequences for everyday life. These effects will certainly remain with us for many decades to come. Therefore, the question of the separation of long and deeply integrated economies has become the focus of social, economic and legal research.