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Introducing your products on the market – are you doing it according to the law?

BPCC invites you to take part in the next Clean Tech Policy Group meeting:Introducing your products on the market – are you doing it according to the law?
Legal responsibilities in implementing chemical products on the market.
Basic principles and differences in Poland and the EU.

Over the past 10 years, the requirements for selling chemical products have changed fundamentally. To protect the environment and the safety of those who use them, in industry as well as in household applications, new EU regulations governing and defining almost from the new rules for the introduction of such products into the EU market have been introduced.

The new regulations have significantly tightened the requirements for manufacturers and importers of such products. They have also improved our knowledge of their properties, potential hazards and how to handle them appropriately. It seems that the burden of complying with the new regulations is harming the industry. At many conferences, workshops and seminars, increasingly vociferous voices suggest that the new regulations and restrictions are overwhelming the capabilities of many companies in the sector - not just the micro-, small-or medium-sized ones – and that they may be the beginning of the end of the industry.

The meeting aims to acquaint BPCC members and invited guests with the latest provisions for launching chemical products on the market, the EU regulations, and attempt to assess their impact on businesses. Participants will also learn about the most important trends in the process of integrating the laws relating to chemical products, as well as what specific changes await companies in the sector in forthcoming years.

The meeting will cover:

  • Defining the chemical – substance, mixture or product?
  • Required registrations, permits and approvals (covering chemicals, biocides, cosmetics).
  • Documentation and consumer labelling required for marketed products.
  • Responsibility for placing the product on the market.
  • Costs, sanctions and penalties.
  • Where to find external support to ensure compliance with the requirements.
  • Summary - an attempt to assess the impact of new regulations on businesses.
  • Panel discussion, questions from the floor.

Speakers will include experts from BPCC member firm THETA Technical Consulting, the largest company of its kind in Poland, which for over 10 years has been supporting companies that introduce chemical products on the market for professional and consumer use.

The meeting will be held in Polish.

The meeting is free of charge for BPCC members.

RSVP: marta.chmielewska@bpcc.org.pl

Policy Groups
2014-09-23, 10:00 am (this event is in the past)

Venue British Polish Business Centre, Marszałkowska 89, Warsaw
Organiser British Polish Chamber of Commerce