Past event

Is the Four-Day Working Week on its way?

More and more corporations and governments are testing it - could it work? A four-day working week is a controversial proposal. Above all - would people be more productive working 32 hours a week, with a three-day weekend, than working 40 hours in a five-day week?

Historically, the working week is getting shorter. Will this trend continue? What are the pros and cons? What does the law say? These crucial questions were discussed during a live event held on 28 April 2022 in the Poznań offices of CBRE, by the BPCC and the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce. Speakers from Déhora Polska, Filipiak Babicz Legal, CBRE and Randstad Polska talked about the implications for the labour market - and the real estate market.


2022-04-28, 10:00 am

Venue: CBRE Poznań, Młyńska 12
Organiser: BPCC, NPCC, CBRE, Déhora, Filipiak Babicz Legal, Randstad