2022-09-27, 06:38 pm

Rzeszów welcomes British investors

The south-eastern city of Rzeszów, associated with the aerospace sector, is taking on an urgent new role as staging post for the supply of Ukraine as the Russian invasion continues to take its toll.

2022-09-22, 05:30 pm

Late-Summer Business Networking

The BPCC's traditional end-of-summer business mixer was held three weeks later than usual at the hotel Mamaison Le Regina, Warsaw. The original idea was to organise the event immediately after the BPCC's Annual General Meeting, which this year was held on 15 September. Unfortunately, this occurred during the official period of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth; the AGM went ahead but the mixer was postponed by a week.

2022-06-30, 09:00 am

Four-day working week – inevitability or conjecture?

The BPCC’s HR policy group and invited guests met at the offices of CBRE on 30 June to take a close look at the prospects for a four-day working week. After a welcome and introduction from Małgorzata Niewińska, head of workplace strategy & change management at CBRE, the BPCC’s chief advisor, Michael Dembinski, gave details of a six-month trial that has currently started in the UK, involving 200 firms. The idea is to pay employees 100% of their salaries for working 80% of the week, providing they commit to carrying out 100% of the work currently done in a five-day week. This is the ‘100-80-100’ model, promoted by 4 Day Week Global, an NGO. Critics, however, say that without a control group to test productivity against a control group, the pilot, which encompasses more than 3,000 employees across diverse business sectors, is more a demonstration than an accurate study.

2022-06-29, 10:00 am

UKCA to replace CE mark in Britain from 1 January 2023

The BPCC held a webinar for its Manufacturing Industries Policy Group about the change from the CE mark to the new UKCA mark (UK Conformity Assessment). The direct result of Brexit, it is a sign that the UK will be setting its own standards, which will slowly begin to diverge from those applicable across the EU and EEA. The event, held on 29 June, was aimed at all manufacturers in Poland who are producing and exporting products to the UK currently displaying the CE mark.

2022-06-22, 06:30 pm

Doing Business in 2022 in Warsaw

Following a successful series of regional conferences and business networking mixers, the time has come for Warsaw. And so the BPCC held its Doing Business in 2022 conference at the offices of CBRE on 22 June, attracting a good audience of senior business leaders. The aim – as with the events in Poznań, Wrocław and Katowice – was to present the key macroeconomic and market trends that will shape the business environment in the short term.

2022-06-09, 07:00 pm

Business Ferryboat Cruise & Party

On Thursday 9 June 2022, after a two-year break caused by the pandemic, the EY &BPCC ferry once again set sail for a leasure cruise on the Odra river in Wrocław, navigating between the city’s most spectacular monuments and further on into the lush green banks and solitude of the city’s rural fringes.

2022-06-08, 09:30 am

Real Estate & Construction group considers future trends

The latest meeting of the BPCC’s Real Estate & Construction policy group took place on 8 June 2022 at the new Warsaw offices of CBRE. Joanna Mroczek, head of research and advisory at CBRE Central and Eastern Europe outlined the key trends in the world of real estate, including the ‘hotelification’ of office space. Logistics, driven by the demands of e-commerce, is booming, as is industrial real estate in Poland, driven by near-shoring of supply chains. Arkadiusz Rudzki, executive vice-president, leasing & sales at Skanska, set out the developer’s point of view, highlighting the problems caused by a tight labour market and rocketing price rises of building materials. Both Ms Mroczek and Mr Rudzki forecast a downturn in construction output and a consequent rise in rents.

2022-06-02, 06:30 pm

Katowice conference and mixer celebrates BPCC’s 30th Anniversary in Silesia

The third of the 2022 season of regional conferences and business mixers celebrating the BPCC’s 30th anniversary took place on 2 June in Katowice, in the newly completed Wełnowiec DL Tower office complex. The conference theme was Investment, Development and Management at a Time of Dynamic Change.

2022-05-26, 10:00 am

Wpływ e-commerce na rozwój rynku nieruchomości i logistyki

26 maja 2022 roku odbyło się pierwsze po przerwie, spotkanie na żywo grupy roboczej ds. nieruchomości. Gospodarzem i partnerem merytorycznym wydarzenia była Kancelaria Bird & Bird, która zaprosiła grono ekspertów branży do swojej siedziby.

2022-05-26, 06:30 pm

Wrocław conference and mixer inaugurates BPCC’s 30th Anniversary celebrations

The second of the 2022 season of regional conferences and business mixers celebrating the BPCC’s 30th anniversary took place on 26 May 2022 in in the capital of Lower Silesia, on the campus of Coventry University Wrocław. The conference theme was Investment, Development and Management at a Time of Dynamic Change.