21(116) 2015
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HR & Professional Training

How many people in your team would have to be hit by a bus to stop a project?

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by Kinga Przepiórka, head of human resources at Cognifide

Knowledge is humans’ most powerful tool. But knowledge trapped inside one person’s brain is pretty useless. Its real power lies in it being shared. 

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HR & Professional Training

From recruiter’s perspective – trends on the Silesian labour market

by Agnieszka Kolenda, regional manager, Hays Poland

In July 2015, Silesia’s unemployment rate dropped below 9%. 

HR & Professional Training

Employer branding: a promise we need to keep

by Agnieszka Czarnecka, senior account manager, head of Employer Branding at Grayling Poland

Every year, millions of euros are poured into employer branding campaigns by companies striving to win the war for talent. 

HR & Professional Training

An office which takes the company to the next level

Training programmes are not the only factor that leads to the optimisation of efficiency within a company. The working environment is also of great significance. 

HR & Professional Training

Gamification in recruitment – yes… but bear in mind who are you recruiting!

by Paulina Mazur, employer branding and talent development manager at Bigram Personnel Consulting

Gamification has the potential to become one of the strongest tools in HR and recruitment. It is trendy; it is desired by participants and employers. 

HR & Professional Training

Open Source Intelligence: productivity hacks for the HR professional

by Andrew de Roy, managing partner at CEE Consulting Group

The huge value of desktop research and social media in the recruitment process does not need explaining to the seasoned HR professional.

HR & Professional Training

The self-educating organisation – how the potential and knowledge of a team can develop a company

by Katarzyna Międła deputy HR Director Director of Impel Business Solutions

If change is the only constant, responding to that change is key to survival. But this is not enough in business. 

HR & Professional Training

Enterprise Leaders – responding to tomorrow’s growing complexity

by Olga Wolińska, consultant, SHL Poland

Have you ever thought about the quality of the leadership in your company? Do you think your leaders are ready to deliver expected results in increasingly complex environment of the 21st century?

HR & Professional Training

The benefits of outsourcing your HR business process

by Tomasz Szpikowski, president of Bergman Engineering

When is it worth deciding to use the outsourcing of HR services? In what kind of businesses is this a particularly advantageous solution?

HR & Professional Training

Ensuring human resources for industry

by ARP, Industrial Development Agency

Human capital is the most important asset of European industry. Europe’s strong technological position can only be strengthened by investing in human resources.

HR & Professional Training

The significance of effective employee induction – onboarding as a key element of a training policy

by Magdalena Wysocka, senior staff advisor, Rödl & Partner

The first day in a new job usually remains in the memory for long. 

HR & Professional Training

Poland's Hidden Multiculturalism

by Timothy J. Bridgman – Intercultural Trainer and Programme Manager, SZKOLENIA ŁÓDŹ

Poland is a special counrty. Ask any businessman sent on a foreign assignment to Poland and they will confirm this, providing you with endless examples in both praise and criticism of a nation that somehow welcomes yet pushes away outsiders in equal measure.

HR & Professional Training

Corporate volunteering – where business and charity meet

by Wiktor Zaremba, fundraising manager, Fundacja Habitat for Humanity Poland

Over the last several decades, volunteering has become an important element of the corporate world. 

HR & Professional Training

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Time management - what’s the real issue?

by David Allen

You can’t manage time. Time just is. So what’s this thing called ‘time management’? 

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