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CEO's note

CEO’s note

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By Paweł Siwecki, CEO, BPCC

Dear Members and Readers,

Six months of our thirtieth anniversary year have passed. The beginning and the end of this half-year period couldn’t be any different: in January this year everyone was still working remotely and monitoring the Covid-19 infection rates. Then, from the morning of 24 February, images of war suddenly came to shock the civilized world – yet they also powered a massive and largely unseen humanitarian effort to help and care for millions of refugees escaping from Ukraine. Our collective response has been fantastic and BPCC members stood at the forefront of the response. As a token of admiration for that help, our previous edition of Contact Magazine Online was entirely focused on CSR and the humanitarian help generously provided by the BPCC members. The topic of helping refugees from Ukraine continues to be seen in our events, with a special focus on legal, financial and operational aspects of that help. The BPCC team will stay committed to the cause.

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