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Not a fig leaf, but a strategic plan

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Few consultants in Poland have such a long and illustrious association with CSR, sustainability and the environment, social and governance (ESG agenda) as does Deloitte's Irena Pichola, who has been a partner in sustainability consulting there since 2015, and is now global lead in climate action and sustainability for the public sector. The BPCC's Michael Dembinski talks to her about how business goals have moved on from the days when only growth and profits mattered.

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Agnieszka Brzóska, vice-president of the Sue Ryder Foundation talks to the BPCC’s Michael Dembinski about the challenges of running a charity in Poland at a time of crisis.


Energy in focus – now, more than ever

Rapidly rising energy prices, inflation, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the long-term need to fight climate change have all focused businesses' attention on energy costs. Manufacturers in particular are struggling. Ryszard Stefański, director of the business development department at EWE Polska, talks to the BPCC's Michael Dembinski, about how businesses can cut energy costs by investing in renewable sources, as well as doing more to save energy.