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CEO's note

CEO’s note

By Paweł Siwecki, CEO, BPCC
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Dear Members and Readers,

24 February 2022 will be remembered as another tragic date in modern history, a day that shocked the world. Since then, more than three million Ukrainian refugees have crossed the border into Poland.

Every issue of Contact Magazine Online has an overarching theme, which we always try to keep as topical as possible. With that in mind, there could be no other subject than CSR – corporate social responsibility – to focus on. Our member companies have responded immediately and generously by providing help and assistance to Ukrainian refugees. This could not have happened without strong CSR structures already in place within businesses.

From day one of the Russian invasion, we’ve witnessed large numbers of charitable collections, help hotlines, emergency shelters and medical assistance provided or funded by chamber members. Our own response was setting up the #StandwithUkraine section on our portal, which serves as a message board for all activities supporting Ukraine. Our mission continues – and we still encourage our members and partners to share news of their initiatives and calls for action that we can distribute further. This issue features some of those projects that motivates us to continue with our efforts to publicise CSR and to track its evolution. It also serves as a showcase for best practice among our members.

One of the key policy group meetings in June this year will focus on the work of corporate foundations. If you have charitable foundation, or are thinking or setting one up, or simply work with one, please look out for this event on our weekly Events Newsletter or on the events section of our portal.  

The corporate response to war in Ukraine and the way business adapted to the pandemic both demonstrate clearly how private business can scale up existing CSR structures and activities when a sudden need arises. When Covid-19 broke out in Poland, the BPCC rose to the challenge by taking a number of actions that were required and expected from us. The Covid-19 section on our portal was launched during the first days of the Polish lockdown, powered by content from our advisory-sector members, who responded with speed and professionalism to help businesses and employees cope.

This year is our 30th anniversary; it comes during an unprecedently challenging time of war and the aftermath of a global pandemic. In spite of this, we’ll work tirelessly to make an impact and serve our members to their needs. In May and June, we’ll be hosting four events in Poznan, Wrocław, Katowice and Warsaw – and we hope to see you then! 

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