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Wille Tercja – a luxurious apartment complex in Konstancin-Jeziorna

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Wille Tercja Complex references the architectural heritage of Konstancin. The town dates back to the late 19th century, when Count Potulicki and his family decided to create a garden city in a charming forested area, just south of Warsaw. The next owner, Count Witold Skórzewski, named the village after his mother Constance (Konstancja).

With its architecture inspired by the noble combination of classicism and modernism, Wille Tercja was designed through the prism of function and modern form. The whole development is complemented by the highest-quality construction and finishing materials.


When you enter one of three buildings, you will feel space and see beautiful natural light in every room. The spacious apartments have an above-standard height with exceptional lighting provided by grand thermal-insulated windows in wooden frames. The high-ceilinged rooms are an excellent frame in which to create a comfortable home.

We can design the interior of the apartments to your specifications. We can also create a functional adaptation, adjusting the spatial arrangement to your needs.







Carefully designed bedrooms ensure the quality of your sleep. The kitchen in the layout of your choice can be closed, connected to the dining room, or open to the dining room and living room. The delightful, spacious master bathrooms ensure the greatest possible comfort for the household members (every apartment also includes guest bathrooms).

A stable temperature is provided by our own modern gas boiler room and individual air conditioning for every apartment.

As a bonus, apartments on the ground floor of the complex have terraces; those on the first floor have balconies; there is also an additional room on each floor (drawing room) for shared use. All three buildings located in a beautiful garden provide a green zone for residents.


Since its beginnings, Konstancin has remained a prestigious city and health spa, attracting Warsaw’s high society. An area of almost 18 km² of historical villas and palaces is accompanied by contemporary residences and classical monuments such as Świt, La Fleur, Natemi, or Pallas Athene. Quiet, peaceful, and green, charming Konstancin is one of the most attractive locations in the Warsaw agglomeration – just 20 km from the centre of Warsaw and only 16 km from Warsaw’s Okęcie Airport. The location is surrounded by green areas. There is the Chojnów Landscape Park and five nature reserves, as well as parks located within the town itself – in particular, the Spa Park with its famous ‘tężnia’ – a large wooden structure with a wall of twigs down which trickles salty water from the underground source; as it evaporates, it gives off saline vapours, renowned for their health effects.


Public transport
In Konstancin-Jeziorna stands at the intersection of provincial roads DW721 (Duchnów - Nadarzyn) and DW724 (Warsaw - Góra Kalwaria). Within the city, there four local public transport bus lines of the Warsaw agglomeration. The nearest bus stop is 250 meters from the Wille Tercja Complex.

In the direct vicinity of the Wille Tercja investment, there are eight educational institutions. The closest ones are the Public School Complex in Chylice (100 m), Good Start English Kindergarten (200 m), Lawendowy Domek (Lavender Cottage) Kindergarten and nursery in Piaseczno (1,000 m). Further away (up to 5 km) there are several international schools like American School of Warsaw or Thames British School.

Medical care
Access to medical care is provided by nearby facilities, such as a massage salon (1,100 m), a school and education centre – the Prof M. Weiss Rehabilitation Centre (1,200 m). Further away, but within a 5 km radius, are numerous clinics and hospitals.

In the direct vicinity of the investment, there are the SKF Pogoń Konstancin sports stadium (100m), brine pool, CKR swimming pool, Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre.

A complex of over 7,200m² in total – three buildings – 12 luxurious apartments from 150m² to 344m²

Wille Tercja comprises a unique complex of 12 luxurious villa apartments in Konstancin-Jeziorna in three buildings surrounded by lovely gardens. The investment was made with attention to every detail, using the highest-quality materials.

Every apartment has an above-standard space (150m2,180m2 to 344 m2, single-floor or duplex) and a non-standard height exceeding 3m. Such parameters allow a rare opportunity to design interiors with interesting proportions.

The villas are equipped with a lift also accessible from the garage level. Each of the three buildings has its own underground garage with a heated entrance. In addition, on the premises of the complex, there are 16 parking spaces for guests. Spaces in an underground garage: two for the 150 m²-180m², four for the 300m2 apartments. The area is fenced, with a concierge, and equipped with a system of 24/7 security and monitoring, with external cameras, video intercoms, and motion sensors.

Available premises:
 – Four/five room apartments with space from 150m² to 179m²
 – Seven room apartments with space from 297m² to 344m²

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About Mix Group:

With over 20 years of experience in the construction and rental of office space field, Mix Group is one of the oldest developers in Kraków. To date, the group has completed projects with a combined area of over 60,000m2. Companies within the group own eight office buildings. Mix Group offers A- and B-class office buildings. It allows tenants to grow the company within one facility. It also guarantees an attractive location in various districts of Krakow. As the first office developer in Krakow, it participates in the ‘Pasieka Kraków’ project, placing apiaries on the roofs of its office buildings.

With mobile operator Play in its portfolio, Mix Group has a network of showrooms throughout Poland. On top of that a complex of exclusive apartments in Konstancin-Jeziorna, and Mix Meble, a well-known furniture showroom in Kraków.

Mix Group investments guarantee eye-catching architecture, functional space, ease of arrangement and adaptation of applied solutions to customer requirements. Each new investment is developed with modern technologies, maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety and environmental protection.

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