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CEO's note

CEO’s Note

By Paweł Siwecki, CEO, BPCC
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Dear Members and Readers,

The Russian invasion of Ukraine preoccupies our minds. The stream of images that we have seen since 24 February continues to shock the world to its core. What we collectively experience is a human tragedy and humanitarian crisis on a scale unprecedented in our lifetimes on our very doorstep. But there’s been a magnificent response to it from businesses, individuals and NGOs. From day one of the Russian invasion, our member companies have stepped forward to provide generous help in all forms and shapes. Donations, collections, recommendations and ideas are being widely shared via our website and social media channels. The BPCC also #standswithUkraine and our www section provides advice and help, with examples from individual member companies. There are also links to the NGOs that help our Ukrainian neighbours and all displaced nationals. We will continue to upload appeals for help and further activities that our members lead on. Please share any projects that we don’t know about yet.

I will recap our most important activities since the start of the year and our plans for the future. January and February have been very busy with number of policy group meetings and larger events. Preparing your business for the ESG era on 19 January set out the major challenges and obligations that companies will face as ESG compliance embraces more areas of business life. Our CEO Briefing on the Polish economy in 2022 gave us excellent insights on global business trends and Polish macroeconomics. The panel of experts included PwC’s Prof Witold Orłowski, Mateusz Bonca from JLL, Marc Burrage from Hays, BP’s Bogdan Kucharski and HSBC’s Paweł Kusiak, who shared their in-depth analysis of how they see this difficult year ahead for business in Poland. You can access the full recording from the briefing. And finally on that fateful day, 24 February, eight international chambers of commerce held a Green Energy breakfast in Wrocław.  With 80 people in attendance, the discussion – moderated by the BPCC’s chief advisor, Michael Dembinski – covered prospects for Poland’s energy grid, how to turn it into one based on renewable sources, while keeping energy prices competitive – especially for manufacturers.  With the subject of green transformation, please follow our green blog where we publish key developments in that area, most recently an article on SMEs vs corporates, who leads the transformation?

Apart from the highlights of key activities, please follow our daily communication on news and upcoming events. Wednesday’s event newsletter is best source for up-to-date information on what’s going on. Since the start of this year, we’ve already promoted more than 50 other events and webinars led by the BPCC and our member companies. There will be a dedicated save-the-date emailing for our key spring activities, please look out for it. We will tour all the BPCC regions and we hope to catch up with every member directly.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to sincerely congratulate Piotr Wilczek, newly appointed Polish ambassador to the UK. I met with the ambassador just before he set off to take up his post in London; we look forward to continuing our excellent cooperation with Polish Embassy team in the UK.

Please take time to read this real estate and construction edition of Contact Magazine Online, it serves as a useful compendium of insights into the sector from many different points of view.

Our thoughts remain with the victims of war in Ukraine.

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