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Managing human resources through the pandemic

Responsible development answers to society and to the environment

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Mix Group is a developer from Kraków with over 20 years of experience in the real estate market. Its long-term strategy is to introduce activities in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

These actions are deeply rooted in the company's DNA, thanks to the clear vision presented by its owners and the management board. What motivates employees to create and participate in CSR activities are their passion, knowledge, and commitment.

As the owner of around 60,000m2 of new and modernised office buildings in Kraków, and a complex of 12 luxury villa apartments in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Mix Group shows how to maintain a balance between the functionality of a building, infrastructure development, investment profitability, and social benefit. By introducing new and green solutions, as well using the location potential of buildings based in strategic points of the city or participating in urban projects Mix Group cares about the tenants’ comfort, positively influencing the development of the local community.

Mix Group completes projects which introduce modern, environmentally friendly materials and solutions that meet the requirements of BREEAM certification (Bronowice Business Center in Kraków). The firm is also carrying out the revitalisation of a prime apartment complex (Wille Tercja – Konstancin-Jeziorna), giving it a new life. By maintaining the style of the historic residential buildings of Konstancin, Mix Group has given tenants a chance to live in an exclusive location that has been inaccessible for many years. And the local community can enjoy the elegant architecture and carefully arranged greenery.

Good CSR means acting at the macro-level – urban planning – and crucially at the micro-level, where the firm becomes responsible for individuals and their surroundings. Therefore Mix Group engages in environmental campaigns, acting for the benefit of the local community through employee volunteering, and by supporting educational programmes.

Environmental activities

As an office developer, Mix Group is constantly looking for new enviromentally friendly solutions and materials that will be used in its buildings – and also on the construction site. As building progresses, the environment is respected and development stays sustainable. Mix Group uses environmentally friendly certified finishing materials, energy-saving equipment and tools, and water-saving solutions. Projects offer constant access to a large amount of natural light and window views overlooking the green areas surrounding the building, or large green walls made of natural plants in common areas are their key elements. In addition to project-level activities in each of the managed buildings, Mix Group has introduced responsible waste management, based on the principles segregation and recycling, and educates employees and tenants on this matter daily.

Mix Group is the first office developer in Kraków to join the Pasieka Kraków urban project. As a result on the two office-building rooftops, there are currently 10 hives inhabited by around 500,000 bees (a qualified beekeeper looks after them on a daily basis). The goal is to enable bees to settle in the urban space, and also to educate the city’s inhabitants about these remarkable insects and their importance for our future. By joining the project, Mix Group implements the company's philosophy which creates tenant-friendly office buildings, and ensures the balance between technological development and keeping the ecosystem in good shape. As a result, the bee population is growing, and the amount of honey is increasing (the first honey harvesting in the Mix Group apiaries took place in July this year).

By promoting shared commuting and return from work with the catchphrase Mix with carpooling. Together we go. Together we save. Together we are eco-friendly, Mix Group encourages its tenants to actively use carpooling*. This way Mix Group draws the attention of tenants to the issue of pollution of urban agglomerations and presents carpooling as one of the solutions that effectively reduces traffic jams and exhaust emissions to the atmosphere. The introduction of the carpooling system to the Mix Group offer is the natural reaction of a socially responsible company to the reality of a congested Kraków.

Employee volunteering

Working in a company where CSR is one of the key areas of development means that employees enthusiastically welcome every opportunity to help others, actively
seeking them. And when you are the owner of office space, there are even more potential
volunteers. Employees and tenants can get involved, which is the case with Mix Group. Initiatives here include a voluntary blood donation campaign (NCK), a food collection for the most deprived people (Food Bank in Kraków), or the Dajże Kompa campaign to prevent the digital exclusion of disadvantaged students and teachers who during the pandemic are forced to study and work online.

Mentoring or knowledge sharing

For the president of the management board of Mix Group — Jadwiga Wiśniowska, corporate social responsibility also means sharing knowledge and experience with those who are taking their first steps in entrepreneurship. She actively supports, advises, and mentors them. She is a mentor in the mentoring and inspiration programme for women from the real estate and construction industry (TOP Woman In Real Estate). The goal of the programme is to support women in personal and professional development, and to promote diversity in business. It is a unique programme of this type in the real estate and construction industry in Poland. Ms Wiśniowska is a co-founder of the Business Women's Lodge at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Kraków, which associates owners and women managing companies. Its goal is to obtain cooperation between members for mutual support and sharing experiences and to implement projects directed to women who want to develop their business.

* Due to Covid-19, this campaign has been temporarily suspended.

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