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The Responsible Rebound

Every little helps matters

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By Katarzyna Bąk, CSR Manager, communication department, Tesco Polska


We believe that every little help makes a big difference. This belief drives what we do for our colleagues around the world, the thousands of places and communities we operate in, and the millions of customers we serve every single day. It’s also the idea at the heart of our Little Helps Plan, which since 2017 has set out how we will play our part to tackle the social and environmental challenges that matter most to us all.

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The Responsible Rebound

Skilling up in digital world

By Paulina Koszewska, Corporate Social Responsibility coordinator in PwC


Jobs are changing, driven by the impact of breakthrough technologies. Now, the rate of change is occurring faster than ever before. The World Bank estimates that 60% of the world's population remains excluded from the ever-expanding digital economy, the new economy.

The Responsible Rebound

Ten years of the Two Sectors – One Vision coaching programme for social leaders

By Paulina Zieńczuk, CR specialist at PwC and coordinator of Two Sectors – One Vision


Social engagement is a key element of PwC actions to build social trust and solve important problems. Sharing our firm’s greatest assets – the skills, knowledge and talents of our people – we concentrate on education, supporting the social economy and innovation, as well as helping to build capacity of non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

The Responsible Rebound

How to embed sustainability into your core business strategy

By Rafał Rudzki, partner associate, and Katarzyna Średzińska, manager, Sustainability Consulting, Deloitte


‘Sustainability’ systematically tops the list of priorities of corporate boards and executives around the world. Entrepreneurs used to take environmental action or carry out social projects as part of their marketing or branding activities. Over the past decade, however, we have seen more and more companies contribute to the creation of commercial and social value by integrating sustainability into its business strategy and core business. 

The Responsible Rebound

Santander Bank Polska –- the road to sustainable development: from taking the first steps to setting new trends

Santander Bank Polska has been actively pursuing its responsible business strategy for many years. Engaged in numerous social initiatives, most bank-like companies start with philanthropic activities and then gradually engaged in more and more projects to eventually make sustainable development one of the most important pillars of any organisation’s business strategy.

The Responsible Rebound

Bank of green changes

by Maria Krawczyńska, CSR Bureau Director at BNP Paribas Poland, Board Member at BNP Paribas Foundation in Poland


Responsibility towards the natural environment is for BNP Paribas one of four key pillars of responsibility (CSR and Sustainability Strategy).

The Responsible Rebound

Shell in Krakow. Sustainability drives a strong community

by Shell Polska


Shell Energy Campus in Krakow is one of the most ‘green’ and sustainable offices in Poland. What makes it really exceptional is the commitment of its employees to sustainability. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic made 97% of its staff in Krakow move temporarily to a remote working model, it hasn’t weakened the team’s drive to contribute to sustainable environment. Structured plans developed in Krakow over the past few years have enabled Shell to continue with the efforts even in the substantially changed reality of 2020.

The Responsible Rebound

A net-zero company by 2050, doing right by society and the environment

By Bogdan Kucharski, head of country, BP in Poland


A sustainable approach to responsible business is inherent in BP’s purpose – re-imagining energy for people and for our planet. We want to help the world reach net zero and improve people’s lives, and we can do this by being a safe, focused, responsible, well-governed and transparent organisation. This coming decade is critical for the world in the fight against climate change, and to drive the necessary change in global energy systems will require action from everyone.

The Responsible Rebound

The future of the planet, people and business – sustainable brewing for our times

By Kompania Piwowarska


Brewed with the use of wind electricity, in a way that achieves record-breaking water savings, with almost half of it sold in reusable packaging, Kompania Piwowarska’s beer is produced today with respect for natural resources and the environment.

The Responsible Rebound

ArcelorMittal Poland response to COVID

By Anna Bochenek, chief specialist, ArcelorMittal Poland


Health & safety has always been the highest priority at ArcelorMittal

The health, safety and well-being of our employees has been ArcelorMittal’s number one priority since its creation. Given the unprecedented global health crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, that priority has never been more important than today.

The Responsible Rebound

Sustainable Health: an important new area of corporate social responsibility

By Joanna Bensz, founder and CEO of Longevity Center


The Covid-19 pandemic has reminded us of the need to invest in resilient countries, companies and people. There is a need to talk about ‘sustainable health’, healthier life at any age and responsibility for health both collectively on the side of governments, institutions and companies, as well as individually.

The Responsible Rebound

Sustainable development in the flooring industry

By Barbara Radziwon, Managing Director, CPG Eastern Europe


As a producer of resin floors, Flowcrete Polska, operates in the construction sector, where issues related to sustainable development have been present for years, and have gained in importance recently. We also observe it in the Polish market and also in the resin flooring industry.

The Responsible Rebound

Corporate Social Responsibility in Schools in the Time of Covid19

By Tom McGrath, principal, British Primary School of Wilanów


British Primary School of Wilanow (BSW)is a values-centred school and our Walk of the Lion is the central philosophy around which our education provision is based. In the current situation where health concerns triumph charity initiatives, we are faced with the challenge of how to open our pupils’ eyes to the issues facing the world while ensuring pupils remain safe and healthy.

The Responsible Rebound

Why sustainability matters to business

By Alicja Marcinek, senior CSR specialist and Magdalena Owsiana, senior PR & CSR manager

Since profitability is the reason for the existence of business, we can say that social responsibility is proof that a business is mature and sustainable. Business seems to be a crucial part of the system of social connections, along with the government and NGOs. And – as a part of this landscape – it has an important role to play. Business is usually closer to novelties and technology; it invests money in R&D, and is also able to provide resources to support the environment and society. How can we make sure that our social initiatives are the most profitable and respond well to the situation around us? Let’s find out, analysing the case study of Cognifide

The Responsible Rebound

Corporate social responsibility – HR policy is the key

By Michal Bodziony – Junior Associate and Bartosz Wszeborowski – Advocate at PCS Paruch Chruściel Schiffter | Littler Global


Employers are increasingly focusing on building and developing value-based businesses.