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Chairman’s and CEO’s note

Chairman’s and CEO’s note

by Antoni F. Reczek, chairman of the board, and Paweł Siwecki, CEO, BPCC
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Dear members and readers,

Calendar summer ended just over three weeks ago and we hope that you’ve managed to rest and re-charge for what seems to be a challenging autumn. The local and global pandemic news remains very concerning; the media are providing minute-to-minute updates, often dramatic, but our focus will be on the BPCC community impact.

As we hear from many of our members, companies are facing difficult times in terms of staff redundancies and continued cost-cutting. Large corporate members as well as SME members are forced to find new solutions to their business models and find ways to optimise the use of available resources. Some sectors are hard hit and most certainly everyone feels the economic impact of the pandemic. Since the start of the lockdown the BPCC has supported every business engagement from our members, much of which has happened online. Expert advice, idea-sharing, best practice, examples of resilience and good-will initiatives have been tirelessly promoted by the BPCC.

We are fully aware that the next coming months will be of critical importance, and we declare our full support to all our members in their business efforts. The BPCC with other fellow chambers forming the International Group of Chambers of Commerce are acting as a communication channel to the Polish authorities, voicing our members' concerns about the Anti-Crisis Shield legislation, and we continue doing so on behalf of our business community – please approach us directly and share your particular needs.

On 3 September we held a long-awaited Back to school, back to work summer networking mixer. For many of us it was a first chance to meet the fellow members since March. Everyone joined in celebration to greet HMA Anna Clunes who has returned to Poland after 20 years. Congratulations again and welcome back Anna! We will be delighted to work with you and support your ambassadorship in the difficult times ahead. We’d like to invite everyone to read the exclusive interview with our new Ambassador here. “Trade forms a key part of the warm relationship between our countries and we want these to continue,”  she says.

A week later on 10 September, our members gathered at the mirror event in Wrocław. We could see many happy faces and warm greetings. It was great to see so many of you in Warsaw and Wrocław, welcome new joiners! On 13 October the BPCC signed a letter of intent with CBRE Poland, a global commercial real-estate agency, to lead on new regional activities in the south-east corridor: Katowice – Kraków – Rzeszów. Following the closure of BPCC’s Kraków office in 2019, this new partnership will bring more regional activities to the south-east of Poland. We encourage all members to participate and come forward with their own ideas for events there.  

On the policy side we have focused on two major projects – the real estate & construction sector and how it's coping; and on attracting new inward investment into Poland and the UK, working closely with both embassies. There is a particular focus on near-shoring in services and in manufacturing, as corporates adjust to make their value chains more resilient. Poland stands to gain significantly from this trend. Coming projects will continue to focus on promoting Poland abroad, taxation (in particular withholding tax ) and business development initiatives to support our members – and finally dealing with the Brexit-related impact on exports and imports. Please stay tuned to all our media channels and let us know about your own ideas, so that we can work on them together. Areas such as taxation, labour law, the Covid Shield, real estate, energy, digitalisation – we have the network to help you. Don’t forget – we exist to cooperate with our members in business development, and to improve your business environment. Our staff in Warsaw and Wrocław are happy to assist you.

Stay healthy everyone, the next issue of Contact Magazine Online will appear in December.

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