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Glocalisation – a niche for growth

by Guy Leclercq, CEO of Deveho Consulting Group
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Deveho Consulting Group is a Sage certified partner, integrating Sage’s X3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. Founded in France in 2009, the firm has grown into a business that distributes the Sage solution in the cloud. Its particular specialisation is in cross-jurisdiction implementations.

Deveho carries out complex, multi-country, multi-legislation and multi-language projects for mid-sized and larger businesses. Every country has different laws, fiscal regulations and labour codes; a company that’s operating across borders has to be compliant in each jurisdiction and yet its ERP system has to work as one seamless solution.

Deveho quickly discovered an overwhelming demand for multi-country ERP projects, within three years of the firm’s launch, it opened its first office abroad, in Bucharest. Working as a sub-contractor for Sage and its partner, Deveho carried out Sage X3 integrations for major international projects as a Sage certified partner, while at the same time developing its own integration business, which has tripled in just three years.

The move to cloud computing is important – the advantages are clear, but the move has to fit customers’ needs just as well as their on-premise solutions.

Today, Deveho has 70 employees in ten offices across eight countries, with almost a hundred small- and medium-sized businesses as its customers. It also works for larger players, companies well-known on the Polish market.

In terms of Sage X3, Deveho is one of Sage’s Top Ten partners. A key strength of the company is its local teams on the ground, with knowledge of local regulations, allowing our teams to deliver compliant solutions across numerous jurisdictions. Sage trusts Deveho with localisation of the X3 solution in Romania, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary; our R&D teams work closely together to ensure full compatibility.

In 2019 we opened a new office in Poland in Warsaw. The new office is an answer to increasing market demand and clients’ needs. The decision to open a new location confirms Deveho Consulting Group strategy of dynamic growth and providing best ‘glocal’ services.
The team in Warsaw will provide SAGE X3 consultant services and will support local and international clients. The person responsible for the Polish market is:  

Jacek Chojnacki
Project Manager / Consultant
Mobile: +48 514 601 808
jacek.chojnacki@Deveho.com | www.Deveho.com

Deveho is also able to roll out Sage X3 projects across wider geographical areas – we recently supported one of our industrial customers in X3 deployment in 18 countries. When we deploy an international major ERP solution, we adapt it for local specifications to fit our customers’ needs, in terms of industry and regulatory obligations, perfectly.

Our approach is glocalisation – this is our unique positioning in the ERP market. Our objective is to continue moving forward with a global but at the same time local approach. We maintain our awareness of new customer trends to bring them the expected solution for their evolution.

Deveho Consulting Group will remain a key Sage partner, intensifying our expansion strategy on cloud for our customers across Europe.

About Deveho Consulting Group

Deveho Consulting Group was founded in 2009 with the ambition to support mid-sized companies in their growth in France and all over the world. A Top Ten Sage partner, Deveho Consulting Group has a two-pronged approach: integrating the Sage X3 solution, and editing localisations tailored for legal and regulatory compliance. Deveho offers a complete solution on ERP (finance, manufacturing, supply chain, business intelligence) both on-premise and SaaS. With almost 100 customers, working in industry, distribution and services, Deveho is now based in eight countries: France, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Netherlands and Switzerland.

More information: www.Deveho.com - Guy Leclercq contact@Deveho.com

About Sage
Sage is the global market leader for technology that helps SMEs perform at their best. Sage is trusted by millions of customers worldwide to deliver the best cloud technology and support, with its partners, to manage finances, operations, and people. Sage believes in doing everything it can to help people be the best they can be, with 13,000 Sage colleagues working with businesses and communities make a real difference to the world.


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