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Lean Office and Bpower2 will help your business succeed

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Do the processes in your company need to be harmonised? Are you wondering how to increase the efficiency of your employees? Perhaps their well-being and reduced stress level are more important?

You probably don’t even expect the digitisation to be the answer. Bpower2 system can do much more. It’s an EIM (enterprise information management) system based on artificial intelligence, the  functionalities of which can be adapted and easily tailored to the needs of any company. Bpower2 was created in the form of a ‘living mosaic’. Using this, we make lean offices and boost efficiency at work.

Lean Office implements harmonious and optimised management of one’s time, correspondence, documents, processes and other office matters. As a result, work efficiency increases, and levels of stress and burnout decrease significantly. Lean Office is also an opportunity to improve the quality of offers, reduce formalities and increase customers’ satisfaction. A company that operates in accordance with Lean Office philosophy can also eliminate numerous losses:

  • Over-production can be eliminated through allowing users to sign documents on various devices, automatically generating reports and sending them to a specific group of people, as well as preparing document templates.

  • Waiting until others finish their tasks can be eliminated by using robots that analyse information, machine learning that supports decision making, previewing the status of transferred matter online and servicing thousands of small processes through one system.

  • Handling the cooperation with customers – it can be eliminated by handling customers’ orders offline, integration with ERP and making use of tools for customers and suppliers.

  • Human errors can be eliminated by using a solution that will make employees stick to the arrangements, facilitate their work and make everyone know what tasks belong to them and how to execute them.

Lean Office can improve companies efficiency regardless of their size and industry, in which they operate. However, implementing this philosophy needs a proper introduction, which is possible with the support of an appropriate IT system.

This IT system is Bpower2. It has a number of useful functionalities that replace many types of software. Thus, all the functions of the most important applications are located in one central system, which enables you to:

  • Organize the decision-making and order of tasks related to business processes in the company. Every user knows what to do and the manager can easily notice where a given process is at any precise time.

  • Delegate tasks online, which are immediately displayed on the user’s screen and allow the manager to receive a simple feedback who will execute the task.

  • Organise file repositories on secure servers.

  • Create document templates and forms which are  completed automatically.

  • Replace paper form of documents with an electronic form, which makes them more durable and accessible for employees. This will also improve GDPR compliance.

  • Manage sales opportunities, funnels and customers as well as projects connected with invoicing module.

  • Use the software offline.

  • Support many areas of the company’s operations (modules of HR, mobile sales, e-payments, accounting, reporting, management, internal and external communication).

  • Tailor the system to your own needs through the selection of modules, which can also become complementary to already used software, such as ERP.

Bpower2 integrates the employees with one another and memorises the decision making in order to develop functions that will make the same choices; however, without involving people. Bpower2 gathers data on employees and their skills, which means that the company can effectively manage the organisation and improve every day. Due to the use of artificial intelligence, this simple IT solution can raise any business to the square.

Bpower2 can increase productivity at work in different ways. The system can analyse its users and take into account such factors as: their mood, fatigue or nervousness. After that, depending on the parameters, Bpower2 can suggest and assign more or less complex tasks to employees.

Are you worried about potential difficulties related to the implementation of IT solutions? More good news – the implementation of Bpower2 is designed to minimise any difficulties and time-consuming actions. Bpower2 automatically connects to existing systems in your organisation and integrates its functionalities. The implementation process does not absorb the client, which allows you to conduct business operations without any significant breaks or changes. Moreover, if any problems appear, the customer is given to the Helpdesk platform, where it is immediately removed online. If the problem turns out to be more complicated, an engineer from Bpower2 arrives at the client's company and removes the it.

Bower2 has already been selected by many well-known companies, such as Carlsberg, Imperial Tobacco, Mann+Hummel. The system has also been appreciated by the University of Warsaw, which published an opinion on innovation for Bpower2 in 2019, confirming that Bpower2 is based on unique, disruptive and modern solutions.

Become another satisfied customer of Bpower2, which will result in having more free time, better well-being and higher productivity.

We would be happy to answer all your questions, contact us: +48 515 114 362; +44 796 148 73 46.

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