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Soft skills in the age of digitalisation

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by Bartosz Dąbkowski, Head of Hays Response, Poland


All businesses will at some point experience some degree of digital transformation. New technologies and internet-based solutions become the reality of companies from various sectors and of different origin.

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Beyond Digital Make-up: Building Businesses of the Future

Tomasz Rudolf, CEO, The Heart


Surviving the digital revolution is neither obvious nor easy for big corporations.


Tech Trends 2020

By Sławomir Lubak, partner, leader of Technology Strategy & Integration, TMT, Mariusz Ustyjańczuk, partner, Risk Advisory Department and Daniel Martyniuk, partner, leader of Technology Consulting, Deloitte


Several of this year’s tech trends are responses to persistent IT challenges.


How digitalisation will boost the customer experience

By Rafał Górski, Automation & Rapid Solutions Lead, and Konrad Gaponiuk, Senior Consultant, Business Advisory KPMG in Poland.


In a highly competitive market, companies are trying to understand why customers prefer certain brands, staying loyal to them and recommend them – especially when products or services of different brands are comparable.


Are you missing the tech train?

By Jarosław Bochenek, partner, member of the management board of Mazars Audyt sp. z o.o.


Mazars publishes global study on familiarity, investment and implementation levels surrounding five transformative workplace technologies.


How to communicate in the era of digitisation - why to say "no" to adverts

By Kazimierz Piekarz, Binaria Upgrade Marketing


The customer is king? Not necessarily. Publishers will do a lot to satisfy advertisers. After all, they pay the bills. But consumers are defending themselves. Here is how to help them and win.


Apps: the ‘super engine’ that’s driving business transactions

By Graham Fell, FlexDev


If we were to examine the latest trends in technology and buzz words, we’d be discussing AI, blockchain, AR and VR technology, edge computing and quantum computing.


The path to cyber resilience is not linear – it’s more of a loop

By Aon


$3.9 million – that’s the average cost of a data breach. And it’s a widely recognised risk.


Silent cyber

By Willis Towers Watson Polska


The concept of ‘silent cyber’ presents a number of problems for the insurance market, but arguably the most significant one is that of risk accumulation. Risk accumulation for cyber as a line of business is already an issue for insurers and reinsurers. However, it is potentially dwarfed by that of cyber as a peril across multiple lines.


From auditing the books to monitoring cybersecurity and IT risk

By Joanna Bańkowska, President of BDO Technology Warsaw


Our company is a part of BDO; the parent company’s main activity is financial audit. It’s been present on the Polish market for over 20 years; last year it came fourth in the ranking of financial audit companies in Poland.


The ethical implications of the new technology

By Erling Hesselberg, vice president, Crayon


As applications of artificial intelligence (AI) have proliferated into society, so have debates around the ethics of data and communication.


Paperless securities

By Marcin Pietkiewicz, attorney-at-law, Financial Institutions & Capital Markets practice, Wardyński & Partners

The end of 2019 was a tipping point in the legislative process of abandoning the physical document as a carrier of securities used to raise finance on capital markets. Bonds, investment certificates, mortgage bonds, shares and subscription warrants have either bid farewell, or will soon do so, to the physical document as a carrier.


Cloud computing brings ERP systems within reach of every business

By Paweł Prymakowski, CEO, IT Vision


Digitalisation is not a new idea. The digital revolution started in the late-1950s and continues at an accelerating pace.


eCommerce and ERP – made for one another

A new generation of consumers is entering the market – the ‘hypermedia generation’ for whom eCommerce is a native purchasing environment. They like to have a choice, and that goes for the transaction model as well.


Connectivity fit for manufacturing

How do manufacturers adapt enterprise networks for Industry 4.0?


Lean Office and Bpower2 will help your business succeed

Do the processes in your company need to be harmonised? Are you wondering how to increase the efficiency of your employees? Perhaps their well-being and reduced stress level are more important?


Glocalisation – a niche for growth

by Guy Leclercq, CEO of Deveho Consulting Group


Deveho Consulting Group is a Sage certified partner, integrating Sage’s X3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. Founded in France in 2009, the firm has grown into a business that distributes the Sage solution in the cloud. Its particular specialisation is in cross-jurisdiction implementations.