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Chairman’s and CEO’s note

Chairman’s and CEO’s note

by Antoni F. Reczek, chairman of the board, and Paweł Siwecki, CEO, BPCC
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Dear members and readers,

The opening day of the fourth Belvedere Forum hosted by the Chatham House brought together 300 guests who came to share their insights about the relationships between our nations.

BPCC chairman Tony Reczek took part in Brexit-related panel led by Charles Grant and Sir David Lidington where opinions and prognosis were exchanged on possible impact on business. As a chamber of commerce and business organisation that works across Poland and the UK, we will continue to inform businesses as to developments, based on comments and analysis provided by our members and partners. Advice is available on the BPCC’s web portal, in English as well as in Polish. Michael Dembinski, our chief advisor, is a regular guest on various media commenting on Brexit-related issues, and will appear at dedicated BPCC events this year to keep you up to date with the state of negotiations between the UK government and the EU.

Three BPCC staff members visited London for the annual academy (3 March) and international day (4 March) of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). We are a member of BCC’s overseas chamber network which has grown to 59 international chambers who are linked back to 53 UK-based chambers accredited by the BCC. Replacing the old COBCOE network of British chambers across Europe, the BCC’s overseas network is truly global and creates a new ‘hub-and-spoke’ opportunity for British investors and exporters to connect with British chambers around the world. This newly constituted network of 100+ British chambers forms an unprecedented platform of hundreds of thousands of firms which we are developing for the benefit of our members. In this respect, the UK will be catching up with the US (Amcham) and Germany (the IHK/AHK), countries with well-developed networks linking national and international chamber organisations. We will be starting bilateral initiatives with fellow chambers later this year in order to explore new opportunities.

Back to Warsaw: as of January 2020, we are operating as a Polish employers’ organisation which marks the end of first transition period. The second part is the liquidation of our dormant entities, which under normal circumstances should happen around mid-year. The date of our Annual General Meeting will be announced soon and members will be updated on the final stages of BPCC’s restructuring then and call for new board members will be announced.

This edition of Contact Magazine Online is about the digitalisation of business. Whereas ‘digitisation’ is the process of turning analogue data into digital, ‘digitalisation’ is the process of transforming whole business models to adapt to the digital era. There are many fascinating insights in the articles we present here. Not all of them agree with each other. Which makes this issue a particularly interesting read!

The next edition of Contact Magazine Online will appear in June and will be subject to a redesign. In August we’re planning a strategy review (to cover all of our operations), but BPCC’s digital communication model will be a key element of that. Stay tuned!

Finally: Covid-19. This is by far the biggest challenge that we must currently face. To get through it as businesses and nations we will have to be taking extraordinary measures. Many of our corporate members have issued a guidance on avoiding larger events (where 20 or more people are gathered) and we want to leave our members personal choice about the attendance. In Warsaw and Wrocław the BPCC will focus on in-house events of less than 20 people, while larger initiatives will be on hold until it’s safe to organise them. Both our offices in Warsaw and Wrocław will be equipped with hand-disinfection liquids available for participants. Please check our events policy here.

We wish everyone a useful reading of this edition, please look out for individual promotion of all articles on BPCC’s media channels as well!


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