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Roundtable with UK journalists considers chances for Polish-UK trade in IT services following Brexit

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BPCC member Future Processing, a Gliwice-based IT firm that employs over 850 people and earns the majority of its income in the UK, has published a report looking at the role that uncertainty plays among UK business leaders.

Entitled How to run a business in the times of uncertainty, the report looks at the most significant risks – and the ones with the greatest impact – that British businesses face. Michał Sztanga, Future Processing’s managing director, had breakfast with correspondents representing the BBC, the Daily Telegraph, Guardian and Scotsman as well as the Warsaw-based English-language monthly Poland Today, to discuss the results of the report.

In a wide-ranging discussion, journalists had the chance to question Mr Sztanga about how Future Processing copes with skills shortages, sales to the UK market, public procurement and the effects of Brexit. The keys to success, working in IT across cultures, said Mr Sztanga, is building trust. “Only through solid partnerships can we navigate the turbulent waters of our current uncertainties,” he said. The company is rather atypical when it comes to Polish businesses; “sometimes, with our business partners with whom we have extended and excellent relationships, we will undertake new business on the basis of a phone call, without recourse to a lengthy legal contract. While this leads to risk, we’ve not yet been let down by this approach. A legal contract doesn’t stop things going wrong – a trust-based relationship does.

With staff retention figuring as the number one concern among BPCC members, Future Processing’s approach to keeping employees involved is interesting. “We can’t afford to take on only routine projects. We prefer projects that are inspiring to our team, so that they gain new skills and learning experiences,” said Mr Sztanga.

The breakfast gave the journalists a chance to discuss the key issues facing the Polish and the British economies, and how Brexit will impact two-way trade between the two countries.

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