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Chairman Note

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Chairman’s and CEO’s note

by Antoni F. Reczek, chairman of the board, and Paweł Siwecki, CEO, BPCC


Dear members and readers,

Welcome back after the summer. For the BPCC, the 14 weeks between the beginning of September and the middle of December has always been the busiest period of the year.

Editorial Note

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Editorial note

by Michael Dembinski, chief advisor and Dorota Kierbiedź, membership director BPCC


Welcome to the October 2019 issue of Contact Magazine Online. In this edition, we focus on Polish real estate and construction – an important driver of the Polish economy, and an integral part of any business in whichever sector it operates. How does the market look now – and what are the prospects in the short- and medium term? What are the trends influencing its development?

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Polish real estate – a sweet spot for global investors?

Tomasz Trzósło, CEO of JLL in Poland, talks to BPCC's chief advisor, Michael Dembinski

Real Estate & Construction

The Łódź Special Economic Zone. This is where you invest

By Marek Michalik, president of the Łódź SEZ


New regulations controlling the activity of economic zones in Poland have opened them up even more to foreign investment.

Real Estate & Construction

Destination: Poland. How to transform your next office choice into a flagship project that defines your business and its aspirations.

By Wojciech Zebura, director, head of Warsaw, Nuvalu


If planned well and with enough forethought, relocating or expanding your business to Poland could not only accelerate your growth but redefine how you are perceived in your home markets by your customers, employees and other key stakeholders.

Real Estate & Construction

Innovative technology as a global standard for Blue Projects - Building information Modelling (BIM)

By Michał Zając, BIM manager /senior architect at Blue Projects


Building Information Modelling (BIM), a technology we use in the design process in Blue Projects, was introduced into the global world of construction over 10 years ago.

Real Estate & Construction

Location worth its weight in gold

By Bartosz Michalski, development director, SEGRO


Proximity to major transportation routes, a location near an urban agglomeration and access to staff – these are the main features distinguishing the best warehouse locations.

Real Estate & Construction

How architects add value

By Martin Hyams, director, AHR


The value of a building is often difficult to assess or quantify, with ‘value’ dependent on the perspective of the individual.

Real Estate & Construction

Buy or rent? What are young Poles choosing in 2019?

By Kinga Odziemek,CEO @BrainyBees


If we were to pick a few milestones in most people’s lives, deciding on buying a property would be one of them. However, times have changed and not that many young people are on the lookout for owning property. It turns out that for many of them renting a flat is not a curse, but a blessing and a desire.

Real Estate & Construction

Retail (r)evolution

By Marta Mikołajczyk-Pyrć, head of retail property management, Property & Asset Management department, Savills Poland


The role of shopping centres is changing – they are evolving to respond to the changing needs of consumers, lifestyle changes and technological development.


Real Estate & Construction

Construction 4.0… Seriously?

By Bartosz Zamara Ph.D., senior executive, Europtima


Most presentations about technology disruption in construction begin with a diagram showing a neutral or negative increase of productivity over years, with other industries gaining up to 100% increase thanks to adoption of technology and automation. How come the construction industry hasn’t seen this jump in productivity?

Real Estate & Construction

Food and Place

By Robert Kaminski, director of Warsaw Studio, Broadway Malyan


Technology has fundamentally disrupted the retail sector.

Real Estate & Construction

May the construction industry please care more about our planet?

By Janusz Allina, property consultant, Gleeds Polska


The opportunity for a responsible construction sector

Real Estate & Construction

Mix Group implements its first prime apartment project

Mix Group, a Krakow developer with over 20 years of experience, is associated with the office real-estate market.

Real Estate & Construction

Boom to bust. Legal insight into Polish construction sector difficulties

By Piotr Staniszewski, partner, Dentons Real Estate Practice Group


The Polish construction market has enjoyed unprecedented growth over the past decade, but at the same time construction companies have incurred heavy losses and suffered liquidity problems.

Real Estate & Construction

Office Renovation – Risks and Traps

By Grzegorz Chęciak, senior business development manager, Transformation


As the saying goes, fine feathers make fine birds. This applies not only to the image of a person, but also of a company.

Real Estate & Construction

What’s new in office-property operating costs?

By Magdalena Oksańska, head of property management compliance, Knight Frank


Operating costs in office properties are constantly changing. The only constant is their systematic growth, even though last year it was not so drastic. There are many reasons behind these increases.

Real Estate & Construction

25 years of Flowcrete in Poland – the company invests in R&D, launches a new laboratory in Warsaw

By Flowcrete Poland, a leading manufacturer and provider of resin floors in Central and Eastern Europe


Flowcrete Poland, a leading producer of high-quality resin floors, celebrates its 25th anniversary in Poland this year.

Real Estate & Construction

Rethinking the office lobby for the collaborative era

By Howard Bates, Vastint, Turnerbates studio, specialising in hospitality design


Turnerbates was approached by Vastint Poland three years ago to take a fresh look at the design approach to the Business Garden lobbies.

Real Estate & Construction

How productive is commuting?

By IWG, the world’s largest provider of workspaces like Regus and Spaces on the Polish market


The average urban commute in Poland is 41 minutes. The average Pole spends 340 hours a year just getting to work and back home. Employees are increasingly spending their commute engaged in work – but how effective that time is.

Real Estate & Construction

Well, you better consider WELL

By Andrzej Gutowski, associate director, Green Building Certification, Colliers International


Sustainability has been a buzzword for the last nine years in Poland.

Events coverage

London: BPCC members share experiences of doing business in Poland to attract new investors

BPCC members shared their experiences of doing business in Poland to an audience of potential investors gathered at the Polish Embassy in London on 17 September 2019.

Events coverage

International Oktoberfest 2019 Wrocław

Wrocław's 15th International Oktoberfest maintained its famed profile as one of the largest and most prestigious business events in Lower Silesia.

Events coverage

BPCC HR Review roadshow brings answers to employers’ big issues

Employers’ greatest challenge in Poland today is retaining their best staff.

Events coverage

Optimising Energy Costs in Aerospace Manufacturing

The BPCC’s Manufacturing Industries group met in Rzeszów again to discuss one of the most pressing issues facing manufacturers – the dramatic rise in energy prices, and what to do about them.

Events coverage

Warmth and friendship at BPCC’s annual late-summer mixer

The regular gathering of BPCC members to celebrate the end of the summer holidays was held at the Mamaison Hotel Le Regina Warsaw on Wednesday 28 August 2019.

Events coverage

Teambuilding through rowing on the Vistula river

One of the most innovative and useful event the BPCC has organised in a long while - and a lot of fun!