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Human Resources

Social climate – what it is and how does it impact employees’ behaviour?

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By Dorota Grudzień Molenda, managing partner, Arthur Hunt Consulting Polska


Nowadays most organisations have started focusing on workplace surrounding and the welfare of the employees.

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Human Resources

The advantages of modern HR and payroll outsourcing

By Justyna Trochimiuk, payroll manager at ASB Poland Sp. z o.o.


HR and payroll outsourcing is a strategic tool used by companies to improve the functioning of the personnel department, as well as the entire enterprise.

Human Resources

Why it’s worth changing your approach to planning work time

By Łukasz Chodkowski, managing director, Déhora


We are currently facing challenges that no one has ever had to deal with in the labour market in Poland before.

Human Resources

Culture and business strategy – the Future Processing way

Magdalena Markowska-Barańska, branding & communication team, Future Processing


Browsing through a few flagship HR portals or some HR magazines gives you the feeling that some topics will never be fully exhausted. And rightly so.

Human Resources

Counteroffer - a solution to employment struggles?

by Malwina Bugajak, consultant, Hays Poland


Sooner or later all employees are open to new job opportunities, even when they are quite satisfied with their current employer.

Human Resources

Reinvention of retention schemes to keep employees loyal

By Monika Krzyszkowska-Dąbrowska, attorney-at-law, head of employment practice, Linklaters


In the current HR market situation, employers must implement various measures to attract and retain employees.

Human Resources

Dealing with unpaid leave

by Agnieszka Morawska, specialist, Mazars – HR Administration & Payroll Services Department


The most common type of the unpaid leave in Poland is a leave granted on general terms (urlop bezpłatny udzielany na zasadach ogólnych).

Human Resources

Remote working – a future-oriented work model

By Dorota Mielnik, business development manager, Eversoft


During my discussions with potential customers about working together in a remote working model I often hear the following objection: “I understand your point of view, but I like to have my team in the office with me.”

Human Resources

Why flexibility alone isn’t enough

By IWG, the world’s largest provider of workspaces like Regus and Spaces on the Polish market


Modern businesses are aspiring to not only be flexible, but agile also. But what’s the difference, and why does it matter?

Human Resources

International Education in Poland

By Tom McGrath, principal, British Primary School of Wilanów


The international school market in Poland is a growing one, but in many ways it remains under-developed in comparison to countries of its size in Europe or in Asia.

Human Resources

Five steps for building a stronger employer brand

Hubert Kifner, employee practice leader, MSL


Brilliant businesses are built from the inside out. Employees unlock commercial success, make or break reputations and generate powerful advocacy, from the bottom of an organisation to the top.

Human Resources

Managing Wellbeing@Work: introducing business metrics to the C-suite table

By Ewa Stelmasiak, The Wellness Institute


The Wellness Institute partners with individuals and organisations to enhance their levels of wellbeing and employee self-care, for better health and performance.

Human Resources

Employing foreigners without tears or red tape

by Dariusz Ronka, communication specialist, KS Service


The Polish labour market has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. Just seven years ago, the unemployment rate was still in double digits.

Human Resources

The human factor

by Lesley Meall, journalist


Accountants will need to reassess their relationship with technology as the areas where automation meets emotional intelligence increase.

Human Resources

The growing potential of Polish cities

By Jan Banasikowski, HR & location advisory expert, CBRE


The ever-improving situation on the labour market and growing demand for modern office space prove that the Polish real estate sector is gaining momentum.

Human Resources

New rules on employee documentation: A huge stride or just a small step forward?

By Adam Nierzwicki, counsel, and Paweł Lasota, senior associate, both on the employment team at Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland


Digitisation, a shorter retention period, more clarity – but also additional formalities and new obligations for employers wanting to fully benefit from the new regulations on employee documentation.

Human Resources

Awareness building in leadership coaching processes

by Lucyna Baca-Lönn, Graphology Solutions Group


Leadership coaching is currently regarded as an effective and an efficient method of the leaders’ growth and development.

Human Resources

Realising the Future of Work

By Jan Karasek, partner, and Magda Stawska, senior manager, both from the Advisory Department at KPMG in Poland


Organisations worldwide are entering an era of monumental change: digital disruption, globalisation, redefined business models, changing demographics, growing talents in multigenerational teams, regulatory compliance, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing and machine learning (ML).

Human Resources

From distraction to concentration

By Beata Osiecka, managing director, Kinnarps Poland


Do you find your flow at work?

Human Resources

City Week London aims to remain in the forefront of financial markets through innovation and connectivity

By Marzena Richter, partner, Staniszewski & Richter, board member, BPCC


Having attended City Week last month at the Guildhall in London, I was struck by the absence of Brexit in some of the presentations made by a mixture of City CEOs and EU ministers.

Human Resources

Risk readiness drops to lowest level in 12 years

Aon’s 2019 Global Risk Management Survey identifies the challenges faced when assessing and responding to risks. As well as traditional risks that have always faced business, new ones are emerging and becoming graver.