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British investments beyond Brexit

Beyond Brexit – Poeton’s Commitment to Poland

By Craig Silsby, marketing coordinator, Poeton
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Whilst the uncertainty surrounding Brexit had been far from ideal, Poeton’s commitment to Poland will continue into the future.

As for many companies, the situation makes it difficult to plan for the future, both in the short and long term, but steps are being taken to ensure any risks to Poeton’s customers are minimised.

Poeton has been actively working with customers and supply chain partners and will continue to do so over the coming months to prepare and to monitor developments, to operate effectively through the Brexit period and beyond.

Specifically at Poeton Polska, development plans continue to progress, with new team members on board, new customer approvals and an event marking the operational launch of the new facility.

October saw the official launch of the Poeton Polska facility with a special event attended by customers and local dignitaries. The launch event celebrated the investment in the region and marked the beginning of a new chapter in Poeton’s 120-year history.

Guests had the opportunity the meet the ever-growing Poeton Polska team, learn about the processes that are currently being offered as well as the plans for future expansion before seeing behind the scenes of the state-of-the-art facility on a factory tour.

Darren Burge, managing director of Poeton Industries, kicked the event off giving an introduction to Poeton and using it as an opportunity to introduce the newly appointed general manager for Poeton Polska, Leszek Maziarz.

Marek Darecki, president of the Aviation Valley association and president & general manager of Pratt & Whitney Rzeszow, addressed the attendees with the story of his involvement in launching Aviation Valley (http://www.dolinalotnicza.pl/en/) back in 2003. Launched to further the growth and development of the Polish aerospace industry, the organisation seeks to enhance the supply chain, promote R&D and represent the interests of its members in Poland’s political environment. Poeton Polska joined the 160 members of the association, demonstrating the continued success of Aviation Valley in attracting overseas investment.

Jason Rheinberg, Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy Warsaw, spoke of forging stronger British-Polish business relationships and investments such as Poeton’s are key to this. Mr Rheinberg stated that providing support for trade in the region is an important role for the Embassy and he was pleased to see at first hand the investment that Poeton has made in Poland.

John Archer, Poeton’s R&D manager then presented on the technical capabilities of the Poeton Polska plant. Dr Archer explained the performance advantages customers can gain from using the Apticote 300 Anodising and Apticote 350 Hard Anodising & Polymer solutions which are both already available at the Poeton Polska facility. He examined the effects of the EU’s recent REACH legislation and explained which treatments will be outlawed, and how Poeton is leading the way in developing replacement solutions.

The event was wrapped up with a factory tour in which the parish priest blessed the facility before a drink’s reception allowed guests to raise a toast to the new facility and network with the Poeton staff and fellow guests.

Polska Team Expands

The Poeton Polska team has been steadily growing since launching the facility with the two latest recruits in key positions for the future growth in the region.

Leszek Maziarz has joined in the role of general manager and will oversee the Polish facility. Mr Maziarz has strong experience of working within the aerospace sector, with over ten years of experience including for a surface treatment provider in Asia and aerospace manufacturers in Poland.

Anna Kąkol joined at the start of 2019 as Poeton Polska’s sales representative, working with current and potential customers to develop long term strategic partnership and ensuring customers receive the best treatment solutions for their engineering problems. Ms Kąkol will also be found representing Poeton Polska at trade exhibitions and industry meetings throughout Europe.

The Poeton Polska team pictured with Poeton Chairman Anthony Poeton (fifth from left).

Approvals begin to take-off

Poeton Polska are also celebrating successful recent audits resulting in approvals from UTC, Moog and Yasa.

These new approvals are for the full range of anodising services, including hard anodising, tartaric sulphuric anodising and chromic acid anodising, and allows Poeton Polska to begin processing parts within the respective companies supply chains.

These approvals further demonstrate the quality levels that the Poeton Polska facility is working to and combining with the key industry wide quality accreditation AS9100 Rev D means Poeton Polska is ready to be the surface treatment partner of choice in the region.

For more information about Poeton Polska please visit www.poetonpolska.pl or email sales@poetonpolska.pl.

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