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British investments beyond Brexit

Are Brexit preparations necessity or best practice is enough?

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Gleeds Polska is part of Gleeds Group - one of the world’s leading management and construction consultants with over 130 years of experience in the construction industry and offices worldwide.

We use impartiality as our differentiator, as competitors continue to be acquired.

Our core services are project & cost management but we also provide quality/site supervision, technical due diligence, funder’s sepresentative, sustainability services and other specialist services. We provide solutions for every stage of property lifecycle, shaping the future of building environment.

Since 1992, Gleeds Polska has been actively involved in the Polish real estate market development, that led to achieving its today’s condition – a dynamic developing market with a high culture and best practice.

Early nineties were the time of dynamic political and economic changes that had an impact to Polish situation and Polish Real Estate Market. It is also a time when Gleeds started its business in Poland.

Therefore, Gleeds Polska beginning took place during gigantic changes, therefore the market situation was not as stable as nowadays.

Gleeds Polska main aim was to support the first foreign investors, that might have otherwise got bogged down in complicated, sometimes even tricky Polish construction law or abstruse administration procedures, while doing business in Poland.

As we care about the quality of our services, we keep the highest standards of excellence. Gleeds Polska is entitled to use the ‘Regulated by RICS’ designation, which is the recognised mark of property professionalism, as the first company in Poland. We work under rigorous quality management system, according to ISO 9001:2008. Gleeds Polska is a member of the International Ethics Standards Coalition. The main aims of this coalition are to increase public trust by improving ethical consistency, transparency and enforcement for the global real estate market and related professions.

During these exciting 26 years, our company has consistently followed the idea of sustainable growth.

In Gleeds, we understand the importance of being able to think globally while acting locally. Each one of our offices is part of community in which it operates. Our priority is to employ people from the local community with the specialist knowledge and unique understanding of their locality, custom, culture and practice giving them an access to international benchmarking database.

Today, Gleeds Polska is a network of seven local offices in Warsaw (HQ), Kraków, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice, Wrocław, Gdańsk – and there is also its subsidiary, Gleeds Ukraine, with its office in Kyiv, which was established in 2005. Thanks to the geographical coverage we are close to our clients’ projects and we are able to react immediately to implement solutions meeting the requirements.

We are reliable employer. Gleeds Polska employs 110 professionals and cooperates with around 50 sub-contractors. Almost 40% of our staff have worked with us over five years. We combine the know-how, wisdom and experience of our mature partners with the fresh outlook of our younger workers who have just started to develop their professional careers – that makes our team diverse and charismatic. That kind of combination is beneficial for our clients and the projects we support.

We have the scale, strength and expertise to successfully manage complex projects and ensure our clients and the communities in which they operate benefit financially, economically and socially.

Our dynamic development is possible thank to our team’s long-standing relationship with clients, as over 75% of our commissions is repeated business, our annual Client’s Satisfaction Survey shows that 96% of our clients are very satisfied with the quality of our services.

We are constantly following trends still improving services with dedicated BIM and Sustainability Teams to support clients’ with innovative solutions.

We are completely aware of the role we play in our environment and the impact that business can have on the community we live in. Youngsters will eventually live, work and have families, so Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply rooted in our approach. That is the reason why we actively participate in global Inspiring the next generation programme (volunteering over 10,000 man hours), Szlachetna Paczka (‘Noble Parcel’), charity runs, the JLL Volleyball Charity Tournament, support Children’s House and also – Warsaw Uprising Veterans.

Gleeds, as a company with origin British roots, realises what the impact of the Brexit on UE and UK markets may be.

Richard Steer, chairman of Gleeds International, says: “this year promises to be one of immense challenge for all of us working in the built environment. It does not matter where you are based or what you do, the issue is one of confidence and whether we will see the UK market bounce back against an uncertain and unpredictable economic situation.” As we are still waiting for the UK Government to decide how the UK leaves the EU, we may predict the consequences of both scenarios. As Richard Steer claims “This is nothing compared to the consequences that a no-deal Brexit would have, with draconian tariffs on raw materials, unwanted immigration curbs and a plummeting pound.”

As Tadeusz Jachowicz (director, Gleeds CEE Region, Gleeds Polska) says “Brexit is an historical and controversial event that we are witnessing and we definitely should be aware of the changes that it might implement. We believe that even if political and economic situation is about to change, we have to remember the values we appreciate and invest in our people, their know-how, team building and cooperation. We have to keep the best quality of our services and be open to our clients’ new business needs. We could fulfill them being a strong, reliable team of professionals, no matter what the effects of the changes, this ongoing or future, would be. As time goes by and political situations are being changed, we stick to our beliefs, our ideas, our mission and vision. I know that we will be strong keeping achieving our goals - to attract the greatest market players, support flagship projects and cooperate with the best specialists in the world.”

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