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British investments beyond Brexit

RSK: Environmental experts ready for Brexit

By Aleksander Śpiewak, operations director, Poland and Łukasz Warzec, Central and Eastern Europe director
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Since its formation in Aberdeen in 1989, RSK has evolved into the UK’s largest privately owned environmental consultancy and is one the fastest growing companies of its kind in Europe.

It provides worldwide support to help organisations resolve and manage their environmental, engineering, sustainability and health and safety issues. RSK Polska, part of RSK, was formed in 2011.

With over 3,000 staff across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the Russia and the Caspian, RSK provides professional services on the client’s doorstep, wherever its operations are.

How will Brexit influence RSK and its activities in Poland and the rest of Europe?

With RSK’s headquarters in Cheshire, UK, Brexit is naturally a hot topic right now. However, as a company, we are confident that we can deal successfully with any situation that arises due to Brexit. Business is good right now: we have acquired 11 companies in the last financial year, our staff numbers are over 3,000 and our turnover is £200m. Brexit may have some impact, and we have assessed various scenarios, but we don’t know what will happen yet so our focus now is to get on with what we do.

In Poland, RSK is currently receiving a significant number of proposals for environmental due diligence for acquisition sites from various clients. These will keep us busy for the foreseeable future. The Polish environmental market is buoyant; and we are not expecting Brexit to drastically change this.

Furthermore, because RSK Polska and RSK’s other European business are all based locally, we will remain unaffected by the UK’s financial affairs as a result of Brexit.

All services provided by RSK are highly consultative, and focus on delivering solutions rather than just amassing data and undertaking box-ticking exercises. RSK is one of the few companies of its kind to have achieved certification to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards for quality, environmental management and health and safety management.

RSK Polska’s key differentiators are

  • a multidisciplinary team of specialists

  • compliance with RSK’s ISO and OHSAS accredited safety, health, environmental and quality management system

  • a strong knowledge of Poland’s regulatory framework

  • an office in Warsaw with access to a centre of excellence of technical specialists across RSK to ensure support for each project from the relevant specialists from project commencement to final technical review of reports. This network also enables sharing lessons learned and knowledge transfer.

Services offered by RSK include:

  • due diligence, acting on behalf of the vendor or purchaser, or managing sale or leaseback transactions.

  • geosciences, such as environmental site investigation and characterisation. RSK provides detailed quantitative risk assessments of human health, controlled waters and ecological receptors.

  • comprehensive geotechnical investigations, where we assess subsurface ground conditions to help clients understand geotechnical conditions on-site

  • remediation involving turnkey remediation contracting and applying a wide variety of process-based remediation technologies

  • waste management. We have vast experience in characterising, managing and auditing waste. We are an active member of panels that examine the application of the definition of waste, as set out in the European Waste Framework Directive, to several waste streams.

  • environmental impact and design, from feasibility studies to post-application consultations including environmental consents and planning applications and environmental impact assessment

  • asbestos coordination and project management. We can provide suites of services relevant to clients’ needs that encompass the entire asbestos-management process.

  • environment, health and safety assessments, including formal audits, gap analysis and services to achieve regulatory compliance. We can supply environment, health and safety assurance and improvements.

  • ecological surveys and project management. RSK’s international ecology department in the UK has provided specialist expertise and presentations to conferences and workshops in Poland.

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