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British investments beyond Brexit

Flowcrete – CEE’s leading resin floor producer

by Barbara Radziwon, managing director, Flowcrete Central & Eastern Europe
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Flowcrete Poland today is a leading manufacturer and provider of resin floors in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our company develops new resin flooring technologies, produces and supplies materials for the application of high-quality resin floors which can be found in the most prestigious investment projects in Poland and abroad.

The company has been operating on the Polish market since 1994. It started its activities in Poland as a sales office of the Swedish company Perstorp Construction Chemicals before undergoing a series of ownership changes, and has been operating within Flowcrete structures and under the name Flowcrete Poland since 2002.

Flowcrete is a global company that produces resin flooring systems; it was founded in Great Britain in 1982 by a British entrepreneur Peter Gibbins after he successfully invented a floor that could survive exposure to large quantities of corrosive sugar which was used in manufacturing facilities of a major confectioner. Since then the company has grown into a global business which today provides floors for the world’s largest and most complex industrial and commercial facilities.

This year Flowcrete Poland celebrates its 25th anniversary on the Polish market. During all these years the company has been systematically growing and strengthening its position on the local market and in the region of CEE. As a team of professionals, we have gained experience and unique expertise in resin flooring technology. Based on our know-how, we are able to offer tailor-made resin floors with various properties (mechanical, chemical and thermal, various degrees of anti-slip, diversified aesthetics), designed for use in different conditions, responding to the individual needs of investors. These include floor systems for specific industries (especially food processing), car park floors, as well as decorative floors used in the most upscale areas.

Flowcrete today is a market leader introducing new and innovative resin flooring solutions. Our company has developed the original technology of a resistant and durable Peran STB floor based on a clear epoxy resin and coloured quartz sand which has the highest abrasion resistance (class AR0.5) and is aesthetically pleasing thus widely used in both industrial and commercial environments and also large-scale public facilities such as the Warsaw Modlin Airport and Centrum Historii Zajezdnia in Wrocław.

Flowcrete’s flagship product for car park facilities, Deckshield, is a durable and flexible polyurethane-based floor. The system can be applied underground and on external parking lots of various size. It is also used on open decks on roofs and helicopter landing areas. Thanks to the competitive advantages including exceptional crack bridging properties, Flowcrete parking floors are applied in the most prestigious buildings including the highest office building in the capital city – Warsaw Spire, the largest office complex in Lithuania – Quadrum Business City in Vilnius, the largest shopping centre in Wielkopolska region – Posnania or the Szczecin Philharmonic Hall.

An important segment in our offer are industrial floors, including Flowfresh anti-bacterial floors used in the food industry. This antibacterial polyurethane flooring range has been developed by Flowcrete to satisfy the highest possible hygiene standards. Flowfresh range offers the strength, durability and resilience of polyurethane resin combined with the natural cleaning power of Polygiene agent – a silver-ion based antimicrobial additive. Flowfresh is able to eliminate up to 99.9% of all bacteria landing on the surface of the floor. Our range of industrial floors comprises also anti-static floors made in plants producing electronic equipment or floors resistant to aircraft fluids intended for plane services hangars.

For elegant public interiors Flowcrete offers Mondéco – a terrazzo floor made of epoxy resin and marble aggregates which gives the effect of polished stone obtained by grinding and polishing its surface and also Rustik floors which are made of colourful pieces of marble stones encapsulated in a clear resin (so called "stone carpets").

Over the years, Flowcrete Poland has built a network of approved contractors in Poland and across CEE which enables us to provide the highest quality of the floors, covering all elements – material, technology and also the application.

Having a solid foundation for business development in Poland, in 2012 Flowcrete opened its own R&D laboratory and production plant in Warsaw which allowed our company to significantly expand the scale of operations. Currently Flowcrete Poland exports resin floors materials to 17 countries including Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic States, the Balkans and at the same time is the largest producer of Flowfresh antibacterial floors in the Flowcrete Group globally. We are also a leading producer of membranes with crack bridging abilities.

Due to the development of export and expansion of production, Flowcrete Polska increased its employment in last two years by over 20% and is still developing, in particular the R&D department. As a result of the dynamic growth, in 2017 we moved to a new, larger office and moved the production plant and warehouse to a new facility, twice as large as the previous one.

The decision to launch the production plant in Warsaw was a huge impulse for the development of Flowcrete Poland as a significant export centre in the Flowcrete Group for the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Balkans. Thanks to those investments, our company is not only self-sufficient but also more than ready for the future, including changes that could be brought by Brexit. With lower production costs and better logistic, we are competitive and ready to further develop and strengthen our position in Europe.

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