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British investments beyond Brexit

Looking for talent in an employee’s market

by Charles Carnall, managing director, Hays Poland
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In the face of the recruitment challenges and the candidate driven market observed in Poland, employers turn to HR experts for support.

Over the past 15 years of our operations on the Polish market, Hays Poland has managed to build a strong brand by providing necessary support to all employers struggling with recruitment for specialist and managerial positions.

Being a part of Hays plc group – the world’s leading company in recruiting qualified, professional and skilled workers – we focus on building valuable and long-lasting relationships with employers all over the country by providing a wide range of recruitment and HR advisory services. Our mission is to be a reliable partner to employers searching for top talent. On the other hand, we remember that people are at the heart of the recruitment business, and we work on our positioning as a trustworthy advisor to skilled candidates, looking to make their career more rewarding, challenging and fulfilling. One of our key initiatives is to take part in events and industry conferences, as well as to actively participate in various associations – such as BPCC. It helps us strengthen our relationship with industry leaders and company policy makers, which in turn helps to facilitate change in the Polish labour market for the better and adapt recruitment standards to employers’ needs.

We can rightly call ourselves successful. With six offices and over 300 specialist recruitment consultants employed at Hays Poland, we are one of the largest specialist recruitment companies on the Polish market. Companies across various industries perceive us as a trustworthy business partner and turn to us for advice – proof that Hays Poland is not only a service provider, but also a knowledgeable market expert. Our British origin helps Hays Poland become the recruiter of choice for companies with UK and other foreign capital that have had a positive experience of working with Hays in other countries. Among our clients are global corporations and start-ups, fintech companies and automotive manufacturers, Polish and foreign-owned businesses. We’re valued for the quality of services provided, the diversity of our business offering, our global outlook and the high standards associated with the Hays brand the world over.

Our strategy is to change in accordance with developments on the labour market that shape companies’ needs. Technological progress influences recruitment procedures, in terms of who we are looking for and how we do it. New IT solutions support employers in the way they implement their recruitment and retention strategy. As a result of the constantly changing needs observed in many Polish industries, we adapt our offer to gain competitive advantage. Permanent recruitment is not always the only good solution, so we can also provide our clients with temporary recruitment services, IT contracting, outsourcing and executive search services. Companies’ needs differ; we offer tailor-made solutions to support the decision-making process with tailored HR advisory services.

Forecasts from economists and business analysts indicate that economic growth will maintain its momentum over the next twelve months, albeit at a slightly slower pace than in 2018. A key area for further growth is investing in the competences of the future to help avoid a crisis in which we face a growing shortage of employees with sought-after skills. This represents for us an opportunity and challenge at the same time.

The situation on the Polish labour market gets more and more complicated. Due to insufficient availability of specialised candidates with specific competences and skills, companies are increasingly competing for employees. Managers and HR departments need to develop an employment strategy to meet high expectations of candidates. This means offering competitive salaries as well as interesting career paths and packages of relevant non-financial benefits. It is becoming crucial to implement innovative solutions and to change the key focus of recruitment processes. When a skills shortage makes talent acquisition difficult – and in some cases even impossible – employers and professional recruiters alike need to transfer their attention from their knowledge and professional experience to soft skills and development potential.

Research conducted by Hays Poland in Salary Guide 2019 shows that the majority of employers plan to undertake activities directed at preventing employees from leaving the company. 87% of employers participating in the survey declared that their HR strategy for 2019 includes employing new staff. At the same time, 91% of companies expect to face recruitment challenges, mainly resulting from the lack of suitable candidates and high expectations of candidates. To solve the problem of a candidate shortage in forthcoming months, companies most often plan to employ temporary and contract workers, organise internship programmes and strengthen their employer brand on the market.

Salary range remains the key factor taken into consideration by candidates who are considering changing jobs or are already talking to their next employer. Non-financial benefits are however equally as important. Hays Salary Guide shows that apart from the financial aspect of employment, candidates consider leaving their job due to the lack of career development opportunities in their current company, location, character of performed duties and their difficulty to achieve work-life balance. Companies try to meet growing expectations of their employees and adapt the offer to their needs such as by systematically planning salary raises and creating clear career paths in their structures. However, specialists motivated by the candidate market, are still largely planning to change jobs. For businesses such as Hays, this increase in recruitment activity allows us to help more companies and candidates to find motivated employees or the perfect job.

Process automation and progressive digitalisation of the world of work is expected to influence the opportunities available to people. Some professions will disappear and tasks will be taken over by robots and artificial-intelligence based solutions. This is a considerable concern for professionals and for the recruitment and HR businesses. On the other hand, broad use of advanced technological solutions in business will create new roles and professions, many of which to this day remain unknown. Technologically advanced companies will recruit experts able to program and operate various machines and AI solutions as well as professionals specialising in data analysis. Therefore, even though recruitment procedures will become more and more technologically advanced and a growing number of repetitive or administration-related tasks will be administered by software, recruitment experts will be needed. The human factor is absolutely necessary for successful recruitment as no algorithm or artificial intelligence can assess whether a given candidate fits a certain organisation or a team. Technological advancement is indisputably a challenge to recruitment companies, but not one that we cannot overcome.

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