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Cutting-edge science in lithium-ion battery manufacturing

by Petr Grzegorz, marketing specialist, Johnson Matthey Battery Systems sp. z o.o.
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Johnson Matthey Battery Systems is a lithium-ion battery pack manufacturer in Europe with over 20 years of presence on the market.

Johnson Matthey is a global leader in sustainable technologies, applying cutting-edge science to create solutions that make a real difference to the world around us. With over 200 years of innovation and technological breakthrough the company enable cleaner air, improved health and the more efficient use of our planet's natural resources.

Johnson Matthey Battery Systems (JMBS), part of Johnson Matthey group, is an experienced manufacturer of advanced battery systems. Located in Gliwice, the southern of Poland, in the Katowice Special Economic Zone the company is specialised in lithium-ion battery assembly processes, producing a wide range of battery packs for different applications.

The company was established in 1999 as MAZ, owned by the Swiss group Ristma. With the acquisition of Ristma by Axeon in 2007, the company decided to locate its production in the fast growing country such as Poland. In 2012, Axeon was acquired by Johnson Matthey group. In response to rapidly growing demand for lithium-ion batteries JMBS relocated to the new 12,500m2 manufacturing plant in 2016. The plant with production halls, warehousing, prototype and testing laboratories as well as office space, provided wide possibilities for new projects.

With the manufacturing capabilities of battery packs up to 60V and all core competences in one location (R&D, production, testing, benchmarking), JMBS designs and manufactures advanced battery systems of different power. Small batteries find their application in home and professional power tools, garden tools, medical devices and electric bicycles. Larger batteries are intended for the fast-growing e-mobility market.


Full engineering solutions, high quality and flexible manufacturing capabilities, enable to meet the international standards and customers’ expectations. The company offers support throughout the full project cycle time from the design and prototype  capabilities, including electronic design development (Battery Management System), materials research, software management, up to assembly of the battery packs.


The rapidly growing global market for lithium-ion batteries opened many opportunities for Johnson Matthey Battery Systems over the past decade. The company’s full-service manufacturing capability allows it to provide cost-effective service to major customers. Since the relocation to the new plant, the company has almost doubled its turnover. The company currently has several new projects under development and is also working on internal projects to develop its own manufacturing capabilities. The company is constantly working to improve the performance of its battery packs by making the life-cycle longer.

Johnson Matthey Battery Systems' main focus stays in Europe but is constantly searching for new market opportunities around the world. The aspiration is to be the leading manufacturer and designer of low-voltage battery packs in Europe.

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