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Flowcrete Polska – the largest producer of antibacterial floors in the Flowcrete Group

By Piotr Jakóbczak, sales director, Flowcrete Polska Sp. z o.o.
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Flowcrete, a manufacturer of resin flooring systems with a global reach, was founded in Great Britain in 1982.

It was then that a British inventor, Peter Gibbins, was tasked by a large, well-known confectioner to develop a special type of floor that would not erode when exposed to large amounts of sugar. He succeeded in creating a resin flooring solution ideally suited to withstand the rigorous challenges of the client’s manufacturing facilities. Since then the company has grown into a global business which today is able to provide floors for the world’s largest and most complex industrial and commercial locations.

Flowcrete is also present in Poland. The company known today as Flowcrete Polska has been operating on the Polish market for over 25 years, starting its activity as the Polish sales office of the Swedish company Perstorp. Since 2002, the company has been operating within Flowcrete's structures.

Based on many years of experience and unique know-how, Flowcrete offers resin floors with various properties (mechanical, chemical, thermal, various degrees of anti-slip, as well as diversified aesthetics), designed for use in various conditions, responding to the individual needs of investors. These include floor systems for various industries (especially food), car-park floors, as well as decorative floors used where appearance is important.

Flowcrete introduced to the Polish market the original Peran STB technology, a resistant and durable floor, based on a transparent epoxy resin and coloured quartz sand, which has proven to be the perfect solution for both manufacturing plants and public facilities, such as airports, museums or large sports and leisure centres.

Flowcrete's flagship product for car parks, Deckshield, is a durable and flexible polyurethane-based floor. The system can be used for underground and ground-level parking lots of various sizes, as well as on open decks on roofs and helicopter landing areas. The competitive advantage of the Deckshield system is the ability to bridge cracks in the substrate. Thanks to this, Flowcrete's parking floors are located in the most prestigious buildings today, including the highest office building in Poland – Warsaw Spire, the largest shopping centre in Wielkopolska region – Posnania – or the Szczecin Philharmonic concert hall.

For elegant public interiors, Flowcrete produces Mondéco – epoxy resin terrazzo floor, which gives the effect of polished stone, obtained by grinding and polishing its surface, and also Rustik floors, which are made of colourful pieces of marble encapsulated in a clear resin (so-called 'stone carpets').

An extremely important segment in the Flowcrete range is industrial flooring, including Flowfresh antibacterial floors used in the food industry, anti-static floors for electronics factories, or floors resistant to aircraft fluids, intended for plane services hangars.

Flowcrete's Poland team consists of experts in resin flooring, thanks to whom the firm can offer bespoke flooring solutions for any type of project. Having built a network of approved contractors in Poland and abroad, Flowcrete is able to assure that the installation of its flooring is done to the highest standard – materials, technology and application.

Having a solid foundation for business development in Poland, in 2012 Flowcrete opened its own R&D laboratory and production plant in Warsaw, which allowed the firm to significantly expand the scale of its operations. Currently Flowcrete Polska exports resin floors to 17 countries, including Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Baltic states and the Balkans, and is the largest producer of antibacterial floors in the Flowcrete Group globally. Flowcrete Polska is also a leading producer of membranes with crack-bridging abilities and watertight membranes. The firm has expanded its offer to include finishing systems for concrete floors for industrial and commercial interiors, designed in a rough 'loft style'.

Starting production on-site in its plant on Warsaw's ul. Marywilska, located in the same business park as the Flowcrete Polska office, the company can respond faster to customers' needs and develop and launch new flooring solutions more quickly.

Resin floors made of materials and technology provided by Flowcrete Polska are used in the most prestigious facilities in Poland and in the CEE region, including the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, the Posnania shopping centre (over 4,000m2 of Mondéco floors and 110,000m2 of Deckshield parking floors) or meat production plant Zakłady Mięsne Zakrzewscy in Kosów Lacki (over 4,000m2 of Flowfresh antibacterial floors). Deckshield parking floors can be found in the Warsaw Spire and Q22, and in Quadrum Business City in Vilnius – the largest office complex in Lithuania.

Due to the development of export and the expansion of production, Flowcrete Polska increased the number of employees in 2017 by over 15%. As a result of the growth, the company moved its production plant and warehouse to a new hall, twice as large as the previous one, and moved its office to a new, larger space, which was also arranged as a showroom.

The decision to set up the production plant in Warsaw was an important impulse for the development of Flowcrete Polska as an important export centre in the Flowcrete Group, for the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe.

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