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Poeton Polska – Poland’s new surface treatment partner of choice

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Poeton Polska is a brand-new surface treatment facility located in the centre of Poland’s Aviation Valley, centred on Rzeszow.

It is the result of years of planning from the UK’s leading surface treatment specialist, Poeton Industries, which has two UK sites in Gloucester and Cardiff. The state-of-the-art facility opened this year and is already successfully processing customer parts and has big plans for future expansion.

Poeton’s History

Celebrating its 120th  anniversary, the firm was founded in 1898; initially AT Poeton & Son offered plating and enamelling services for bicycle parts. Poeton Industries has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and now offers a range of surface treatments and coatings to customers worldwide, having grown to become leaders in the field of surface treatment leaders.



The aerospace and defence industry, a key sector for Poeton, continues to push the boundaries of what conventional materials and surface treatments can achieve. Poeton has been at the forefront of developing new coating solutions during this time, with its advanced technologies ensuring its partners’ projects are not grounded by material surface issues.

Research & Development

Poeton is one of the only surface treatment providers with its own in-house R&D department. This team of highly skilled, surface treatment experts have been responsible for developing pioneering treatments marketed under the Apticote trademark. This range of treatments offers a wide array of performance improvements and benefits over standard treatment alternatives, solving engineering challenges such as; corrosion, wear, friction, fretting, galling, thermal stability and electrical conductivity.

Poeton’s expertise has also led to industry collaborations including a sharing of treatment licences with US surface-treatment company General Magnaplate and partnership with Aeromet for coating its revolutionary A20X aluminium alloy, billed as world’s strongest cast aluminium alloy.

Poeton is the surface treatment partners to customers in a range of industries, with aerospace and defence being key to its long-term success, with the ability to offer every conceivable surface treatment and coating for this industry all under one roof and supported by a suite of non-destructive testing inspection techniques. Poeton’s proven expertise and dependable service in this area have led it to become a trusted partner to the world’s largest aerospace and defence manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, Moog, Safran and UTC.

Alongside its work in Aerospace & Defence, Poeton’s surface treatments and coatings have solved countless issues across a wide variety of industries. Whether it be anti-corrosion applications for sub-sea oil operations, or FDA-compliant PTFE treatments for food & drink or medical production facilities, the firm works with its partners to identify, develop and apply the right treatment to suit their needs. Poeton also enjoys a respected position as treatment consultant to some of the world’s most unique engineering projects, including high-profile racing yachts where the majority of critical moving parts are coated in its Apticote treatments, providing them with superior reliability and performance.

Poeton Polska

All of Poeton’s experience and expertise in providing the best possible surface treatment services are being replicated at the new Rzeszow facility. Strategically located to provide support to customers located within Poland’s thriving aerospace manufacturing sector, based around Aviation Valley, as well as customers in all industries across mainland Europe.

A talented team consisting of local workers and experienced Poeton employees from the UK are on hand to support customers and provide expert advice to solve their surface treatment problems.

Commitment to quality

Poeton Polska has already achieved AS9100 Rev D accreditation for its quality management system, an enhanced version of ISO9001 specifically for the aerospace industry. This accreditation recognises its commitment to excellence and its ability to operate at the highest levels of quality that are demanded by the aerospace industry.

The Polish firm is also working towards achieving NADCAP approval, an aerospace and defence quality accreditation, as well as working with several key customers to gain their individual approvals for the Rzeszów facility.

The future for Poeton Polska

Phase one of the Poeton Polska plan, initially set up within an existing site, is now complete, and with the first set of customers’ parts successfully processed, phase two of the plan is now underway. This includes designing and moving into a purpose-built factory that will become Poeton’s long-term home in Poland.

This will allow the Polish firm to expand on the treatment options  currently on offer and will bring all of its Apticote advanced treatment solutions to Poland. Establishing a long-term home will also enable Poeton to set up an R&D department in Poland, utilising local expertise and developing the next generation of advanced surface coatings.

Unlike single service treatment providers, Poeton Polska offers its partners a wide array of ancillary services to keep their projects running efficiently, ensuring it is the first choice for any surface treatment issue. Poeton Polska is able to offer everything from logistical transport support and minor assembly, to part-marking and design support; all at the scales required by large industry.

Whatever the problem, whatever volume, Poeton has the solution. It supports its products with top-class laboratory services, including wear and corrosion test facilities, and an ongoing programme of R&D, underpinning the firm’s claims for the best coating performance and is why Poeton Polska is ready to become the surface treatment partner of choice.

For more information about Poeton Polska please visit  www.poetonpolska.pl

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