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Technology & Future

Travelling into an era of innovation

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We live in a world where connectivity is constantly evolving and improving our day-to-day lives.

The significance and potential of technology – and online platforms – as a means of facilitating business and enhancing the consumer experience are endless, especially in the travel sector.  Car rental companies are constantly looking at ways to help make the overall journey for the customer as easy and reliable as possible.

Today, the road is shifting beneath our feet, as people increasingly look to on-demand services to get from point A to point B. Avis believes mobility will be completely connected, integrated and be delivered on demand to consumers and businesses as a service. Car ownership will shift towards mobility solutions. As a result, car rental firms must ensure today that they are  evolving their business models to meet the present and future needs of their customers. As a mobility company, Avis is completely engaged in this shift, and it is taking many steps to ensure that it is ahead of the changes that face the industry.

Car rental through the use of mobile applications    

More and more people are using mobile applications to rent a car, and car rental companies have been quick to offer this technology to their customers. Almost one in five Poles who rented a car during their holidays used a mobile app to hire it1. The Avis app, which is available in Poland, allows travellers to manage their rental process from start to end. Users can filter their searches for the perfect vehicle and add any necessary extras, including equipping with ski racks, child seats, satellite navigation (sat-nav) as well as opting for Wi-Fi access.

More transparency and convenience

Rental companies are exploring ways to offer more security and increased transparency for their customers to help put their minds at ease when hiring a vehicle. A solution offered by Avis Car Rental in Poland is Flight Arrival Number (FAN) technology, making car rental even easier for those who are picking up a rental vehicle at selected European airports after landing from a flight. For added convenience Avis Car Rental staff waits for customers to collect their vehicle, updating bookings if a flight is delayed, even if the delay goes outside normal working hours. Customers simply provide their flight number when booking their car rental so that their journey and landing time can be monitored. They will also have the added benefit of receiving a text message upon arrival, detailing the best route for them to take to the rental location to pick up their car.

Additionally, a 360-degree photograph of the vehicle is taken before and after each rental. This is done using Avis's Maintenance and Damage Management System (MDMS). MDMS is a tool used by Avis Car Rental agents in Poland and at select locations across the globe which provides customers with immediate transparency on any damage charges when returning their vehicle. By using the MDMS tool, Avis Car Rental agents are able to complete a customer’s live check in process, while providing them with immediate reassurance. The MDMS tool is an industry first and is another example of how Avis Car Rental is using innovative technology to put customers first and continually improve the rental experience.

1. SW Research survey How do Poles rent a car on holidays? for Avis Budget Group Polska, May 2018.

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