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Technology & Future

Leading in the digital age

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By Liz Fisher


The modern age is a game changer for business and promises to transform the role of leaders and the qualities demanded of them.

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Technology & Future

Industry 4.0 – why manufacturing industry has to digitize

By Dr Jerzy Kalinowski, advisor to the KPMG board in Poland


The digital revolution is everywhere. Digital disruption is radically changing manufacturing industries.

Technology & Future

Travelling into an era of innovation

We live in a world where connectivity is constantly evolving and improving our day-to-day lives.

Technology & Future

Future technology in the global automotive sector

by Nicolas Klukowski, consultant, Mazars


Sustainable mobility is putting the pedal to the medal, transcending the automotive industry.

Technology & Future

At the cutting edge of industrial technology

By Tomasz Rżysko, general manager, Renishaw sp. z o.o.


Renishaw is a world-leading metrology company operating in two key business areas, metrology and healthcare. Its machines can be found in advanced manufacturing operations around the world.

Technology & Future

Smart contracts and efficient contracting

by Michał Markowski, attorney at law and Krzysztof Wiśniewski, attorney trainee, Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland


The idea of shifting transactions into the digital space dates back to the beginnings of computer science.

Technology & Future

Innovation in civil engineering due to TriAx geogrids stabilizing the ground under our infrastructure

Tensar TriAx geogrid was a huge leap forward for the geosynthetics industry when it was launched in Europe in 2008.

Technology & Future

Growing internationally through smart coding

Urszula Kwaśniewska, director of the BPCC's Kraków office, looks at a Przemyśl-based IT company with its sights set on global clients.

Technology & Future

Technology trends change retail trade

By Olgierd Cygan - Deloitte Digital Leader in Central Europe


In the era of e-commerce the message that brick-and-mortar stores will be extinguished soon keeps returning.

Technology & Future

How to humanise technology without dehumanising society?

By Iwona Dryś, data solutions business manager, Future Processing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving the development of a knowledge-based and data-driven economy.

Technology & Future

How technology has transformed the travel industry?

by Paweł Rek, regional manager CEE & GM Poland, Amadeus


Most impactful technological advances according to Amadeus.

Technology & Future

Automation and digitisation vs commercial real estate

By Anna Oberc, associate, chief operating officer, Retail Department, Cushman & Wakefield, Joanna Sinkiewicz, partner, head of Industrial and Logistics Department at Cushman & Wakefield


Key trends impacting on the retail and warehouse market growth in 2018.

Technology & Future

New technologies in the service of HR

by Ewelina Piorun, exams manager Poland, British Council


Social media, websites, virtual job interviews, chatbots answering job candidates' questions – these are just some of the solutions that human resources specialists are using. Among the various types of computer-based tests, language ones are available.

Technology & Future

The role of leadership in building commitment in a company

by Jolanta Jackowiak, Grant Thornton


Why do we buy so little when millions are spent on building employee commitment?