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Finance & Financial Services

Standard Audit File – Invoice, on request

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By Bogdan Zatorski, Tax Digitisation Expert at Sage


All VAT payers are already sending the Standard Audit Files for Tax ('JPK' in Polish) to the Ministry of Finance's servers.

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Finance & Financial Services

Sustainable financing: corporates’ changing attitude, investors’ growing appetite

By, Zoë Knight, group head, HSBC Centre of Sustainable Finance


Governments, corporations, the financial system and civil society are all key stakeholders of how climate change and sustainability challenges play out.

Finance & Financial Services

Impact of Brexit on the European and Polish insurance market

by Beata Balas-Noszczyk, partner, Hogan Lovells in Poland, and Charles Rix, partner, Hogan Lovells in the UK


The UK is seen as the world’s leading insurance centre; London’s financial institutions have access to enormous amount of potential consumers, reflecting its economic potential.

Finance & Financial Services

FinTech – a future that is now

By Magdalena Różańska, associate manager, Michael Page



Finance & Financial Services

Trading between Poland and the UK? Get ready for Brexit

by Marcin Majewski, manager, PwC


Despite hopes or doubts, Brexit is seen to be inevitable; companies should start their preparations now. The biggest impact from the tax perspective will result from customs duties and VAT.

Finance & Financial Services

The whole of Poland as one special economic zone

By Hubert Hajdukiewicz, tax specialist at KR Group


The Polish government has accepted the draft bill on supporting new investments which expands special economic zones (SEZ) to cover the entire country.

Finance & Financial Services

Paving the two-way highway

By Bank Pekao S.A.


While people have been calling the world a global village for decades, and technology has further amplified this by providing us with information and contact at the touch of our fingers, financial cross-border markets don’t always live up to that promise.

Finance & Financial Services

Credit risk management – challenges and responses old and new from the Polish insurance market

by Marek Brandt, business unit director, CEE Trade Credit Practice Group Leader, Aon and Artur Szast, broker, business development director, Aon Credit Solution, Aon


How do you make cash from your sales? This old dilemma is the cornerstone of credit risk management.

Finance & Financial Services

How serious are Poland’s ambitions to become a FinTech hub?

By Marek Żółtowski, Public Affairs consultant at Grayling Poland


A public affairs consultant’s perspective on the FinTech regulatory and policy frameworks.

Finance & Financial Services

Digital currencies: How should they be served and seasoned?

By Prof Konrad Zacharzewski, chair of the Department of Commercial Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, Nicolaus Copernicus University; attorney at law, of counsel at Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland


For the average person in Poland today, digital currencies have negative connotations. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Finance & Financial Services

Raising money through cryptocurrency offerings – how to do an ICO

By Adrian Pietrzak, FinTech biz dev manager, Future Processing


Whether we like it or not, cryptocurrencies are the next frontier in the world of money and finance, with initial coin offering (ICO) being the biggest trend in the cryptocurrency industry today.

Finance & Financial Services

Technology and regulation: making life easier for Polish exporters

by Jakub Makurat, country manager Poland, Ebury


The UK is one of the main trading partners for Polish exporters.

Finance & Financial Services

A portfolio of receivables as collateral: Pledge or assign?

By Aleksandra Nalewajko, Daniel Smarduch, adwokat, Banking & Project Finance practice, Wardyński & Partners


In various financial transactions, one of the borrower’s main assets is a portfolio of receivables, be they under leases (when financing commercial property) or under loans (when the borrower is in the business of granting loans).

Finance & Financial Services

A philosophy that pays

By Alicja Korbecka, tax advisor, founder of Acco Accounting & Consulting Office, Businesswoman of the Year and Tax Advisory Leader, 2016


A business revolution begins when you change your point of view, and you see that you can look at something in a new way.