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Eight interesting take-aways from Deloitte's construction sector reports

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The BPCC, along with the Spanish and Italian chambers of commerce in Poland, jointly held the launch event for Deloitte's reports* looking at the European and Polish construction markets.

The .pdf file summarising the report is available here for download, but here are some fascinating teasers from it.

  • Of Europe's 50 largest construction firms, 13 are British. Yet none of them operate in Poland (indeed few do any significant business outside the UK).

  • Of Europe's 50 largest construction firms, three are French. Yet those three are among the top five in Europe, and their sales are worth nearly one-third of the entire Top 50.

  • Germany has only one construction firm in the European Top 50; Germany is in last place among the countries of origin of the Top 50.

  • Poland's construction market grew by 12.1% year-on-year in 2017; much of that growth occurred in Q3 and (especially) Q4. The sudden upturn has left the sector short-handed.

  • Spending on road- and rail-sector infrastructure projects in Poland will keep on increasing until reaching a peak in 2020-21; thereafter it will drop.

  • Low interest rates, falling unemployment and rising wages were responsible for 2017 being a record year in the number of apartments sold in Poland.

  • Because of rising wages and construction material prices, an ever-growing number of Polish public tenders is being cancelled as bids are coming in above budget.

  • Low-margin contracts in the Polish rail sector, signed at a time when there was a dearth of projects available, are coming under threat.

*European Powers of Construction 2016 and Polish Construction Companies 2017

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