31 (126) 2017
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Digitisation in Poland: Achievements and Challenges for the Future

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by Krzysztof Szubert, Secretary of State and the Government Plenipotentiary for Digital Single Market


The dynamic technological progress that we've been witnessing for several years now has an enormous impact on the functioning of modern economies and societies.

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Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources

by Aleksandra Kujawa, business unit manager, Antal IT Services


From time to time, strong trends emerge on the human resources market that everyone finds as revolution.


The future of HR Management: at the intersection of AI and personal data protection

Dr Daria Gęsicka, of counsel, Intellectual Property team, Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland


Recent years have seen an outburst of interest in artificial intelligence (AI). Technologies based on AI have attracted investors all over the world on an unprecedented scale.


How modern technology affects the job market

by Cezary Karolczyk, Sage business expert


The rate of technological change has profoundly altered the way work and business is done.


Tailored to fit: content management systems and Big Data

by Filip Pietrek, PR specialist, Hamilton May


Case study of Hamilton May – the 2.0 approach to content management in a real estate agency.


Recommendations in social media more effective than TV ads

Community portals are changing the balance on the media market.


Entrusting personal data to non-EEA entities and new GDPR regulations

By Justyna Zygmunt, associate, New Technology and Telecommunications Practice Kochański Zięba & Partners Sp. k.


Entrusting data to be processed – outsourcing the processing of personal data on a company’s behalf to a third party – increasingly means having to transfer it outside the European Economic Area (EEA), mainly to US-based entities, which may pose significant legal risks on the part of the data controller.


Out-of-the-box solution or custom development ?

by Piotr Żbikowski, key account manager, Clurgo


As the software market matures, the choice software that comes out of a box and software that’s custom-written for you is no longer so obvious.


If innovation in the tech sector is so simple, why is it so hard?

By Prof. Tomasz Barszcz, amc TECH


In recent decades, we’ve witnessed the rapid development of information processing technologies.


How tech can help with human resources planning

By Iwona Uss, CPM business solutions manager, CCH Tagetik


Payroll expenses are typically one of the largest costs for any organisation, and many firms have trouble accurately planning and tracking all expenses related to their employees.


Big Data – Big Problem, is there a solution?

by Pawel Grabowski VP business development and sales EMEA, Exadel Poland


The speed of innovation grows exponentially, and the main fuel for innovation is data.


There's no escaping automation – this goes for marketing too!

by Elżbieta Pełka, co-founder of GROW Poland, president of Pełka 360 agency and Marcin Stawowczyk, CEO GROW Poland


Every marketer has heard about marketing automation. In an era of algorithms and artificial intelligence, this buzzword has regularly appeared in discussions at all conferences on digital marketing.


The future of work in Poland

By Andrew Blatiak, director, Leadership and Management Institute, and Michael Dembinski, chief advisor, BPCC


Five global changes will influence the future of work in Poland: demographics; technology; globalisation; new models of work and the increasing divide between the educational curriculum and business needs.


How much social-commercial-comfort do you generate?

by John 'Bob' Spence, Get Spence


Networking is something we all do in business. Yet the way we network makes a big difference to the way we’re perceived by our business peers; this in turn influences the effectiveness of our business development.


Houses of glass – when fiction becomes reality

By Stanisław Dąbek, consultant and member of the Intellectual Property, Technology and Communications practice team at Dentons


Stefan Żeromski wrote a pivotal novel about ethnic Poles from Siberia returning to their ancestral homeland after the Russian Revolution, in the belief there were fantastical 'houses of glass' in Poland.1