29 (124) 2017
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HR & Professional Qualifications

Employers cannot keep up with the technological revolution

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by Michał Olbrychowski, director, consulting, Deloitte


In this world of new technologies, organisations need to treat their employees in the same way as they treat their clients.

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HR & Professional Qualifications

How can you benefit from outsourcing recruitment?

by Piotr Dziedzic, director, Michael Page Poland


Companies increasingly often highlight the fact that employees are their greatest asset, at the  very heart of their competitive advantage.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Striving for ethical business standards in a changing world

by Paul Strohm, editor, journalist & copywriter, PropertyEU


Correct guidance on how to act in situations where conflicts of interest may occur is crucial as the property business becomes more complex.

HR & Professional Qualifications

The value of professional qualifications in accounting and auditing

by Marzena Richter ACA, management board member, Staniszewski & Richter


More than 20 years’ experience as an employer combined with the role of advisor and auditor to international clients has taught me that moral value is intrinsically related to financial value.

HR & Professional Qualifications

RoboHunter – is human-resource management possible without humans?

by Karolina Korzeniewska, account executive Europe, Antal


Today, everything can be researched and measured. Psychometric tests and tools, cookies and social media profiles can all provide nearly all kinds of information on a given person, including data that may be used to determine whether they’re a good fit for a specific position.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Better English means higher profits – true or false?

by Ewelina Piorun, exams business development manager, British Council


Do your employees know English well?  We talked to senior managers across Europe to find out how English skills of their employees impact key business areas.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Self-management and leadership: an oxymoron?

by Dr Jan Nowak, director of MBA programmes at IBD Business School in Warsaw


In his book Reinventing Organizations (Nelson Parker, 2015), Frederic Laloux wrote “Many people sense that the way organizations are run today has been stretched to its limits.

HR & Professional Qualifications

FM sector redefines role as office shifts to workplace

by Marianne Korteweg , managing editor, PropertyEU


The growing importance of workplace management to drive business performance has turned the spotlight on the role of facilities managers.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Leadership coaching – its value for a leader and an organisation

by Lucyna Baca-Lönn, founder and managing director of Graphology Solutions Group


Leadership coaching is an effective part of any business’s leadership development toolbox. It contributes to tangible business outcomes in terms of long-term improvements in personal and organisational effectiveness, measured by profit or cost-containment, or both.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Employing foreigners in the IT sector in Poland

by Łukasz Wieczorek, legal counsel, Konieczny Wierzbicki Law Firm


Over the last few years, increasing numbers of non-EU citizens have been employed in Poland. Demand for foreigners’ labour is noticeable in specialist sectors such as IT.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Millennials – why companies should take notice

by Konrad Kubacki, business services manager, BPCC Trade


Each year an increasing number of millennials is entering the workforce. It’s estimated that by 2025, about 75% of employees globally will be under the age of 35.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Executive coaching: trendy mumbo-jumbo or a real game-changer?

Ashim Kumar, CEO of AKA Sp.zo.o., a leadership consultancy


The term ‘coaching’ conjures up various images.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Three ways to effectively manage training processes in your organisation

by Katarzyna Izabela Syrówka, Gi Group Training


Long hours spent on collecting offers and selecting training providers, a constant necessity to look for new suppliers due to the growing training needs of the organisation, a never-ending struggle against time, plus looking after the day-to-day needs of many employees across a large company – this description reflects a typical job of most HR managers responsible for the development of employees and training.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Acquiring and retaining talent

by Krzysztof Jaszczuk, managing director, Sysco Polska


A rapidly changing job market means that employers face the challenge of attracting and retaining key employees. An important step in bringing in quality employees and keeping the ones you already have is to understand what it is that they're looking for.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Is a freelancer's unpaid non-compete clause after termination of a service agreement binding?

by Dr Marta Derlacz-Wawrowska, Employment Practice, Wardyński & Partners


For freelance contractors, whether on an umowa o dzieło or umowa zlecenie, there's no legal regulation guaranteeing even minimal compensation for refraining from competitive activity after working under a non-employment contract, but this may turn out to be contrary to public policy.

HR & Professional Qualifications

How to attract and keep the best employees

by Taisja Laudy, Gallup strengths ambassador, geniusformula creator


What do workers want most in a job and a company? The answer can help companies improve attraction and recruitment strategies. Three main themes dominate the HR world right now.

HR & Professional Qualifications

Young talents – challenge for recruitment, but the opportunity for innovations

Young talent - disobedient, looking for challenges, dynamic and focused on improvement – with this explanation Piotr Wielgomas – CEO of BIGRAM, began the debate entitled Young talents – challenge for recruitment, but the opportunity for innovations.