27 (122) 2016
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Sue Ryder Foundation - giving respect and dignity to the Elderly

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Sue Ryder Foundation today focuses primarily on helping the elderly

The values stipulated in the foundation's statute are those which the founder devoted her life to. Ennobled in 1979, Sue Ryder chose as her honourable title 'Lady Ryder of Warsaw' when, as a peer, she sat in the House of Lords.

Who was Sue Ryder?

She was an aristocrat who was just 16 years old when the war broke out.  During the WW2 she served with the Special Operations Executive alongside Polish Cichociemni, Silent and Unseen. After the war, she worked tirelessly for Poland and for disadvantaged Poles. Sue Ryder founded her international foundation as a tribute to the victims of the Second  World War. She was a great friend of Poland, so much so that she is quoted as saying 'We Poles'!  She felt passionately about helping  people who were suffering and forgotten, especially in Poland.  Her charitable work was international but in Poland alone she founded 30 nursing homes.  Today her work continues with care for the elderly in homes, in hospices and in oncology and neurological units within hospitals.  

The Museum opens

The Sue Ryder Museum opened its doors in October.  It is located within the city’s original gatehouse, or ‘rogatka’, on Pl. Unii Lubelskiej 2. The museum stands as a memorial to an exceptional philanthropist and a great friend of Poland. It houses personal possessions, priceless archives from the WW2 that bear witness to Sue Ryder's wartime cooperation with Poland’s elite Cichociemni (‘Silent and Unseen’) commandos, and her charitable activities including medical aid for Poland, during Martial Law. The Educational programme for primary school children will include history of the Second World War and the post-war period. It will aim to engender a sense of responsibility for others and highlight those commendable values which motivated Sue Ryder.

Charity shops and  treasure chests

Many years after the war  Sue Ryder had an idea to raise funds and recycle unwanted items through charity shops. The main purpose was to generate income from the sale of goods received from people wanting to help others by donating things which they no longer needed.  Today there are three shops in Warsaw, in Mokotów, Zoliborż and Bielany, and all full of treasures.  These shops  are not typical second hand shops but have better quality goods and a unique welcoming atmosphere.  Doing shopping in a warm environment makes all the difference. Talk  to staff who have chosen to work in a Sue Ryder Shop -their enthusiasm is infectious and their motivation visible.

Opportunites for CSR programmes

The Foundation  also welcomes involvement from all companies, large or small. Plans are underway  to organize collections in corporations. Donations of clothes, toys, DVDs, ornaments, books and the like are most welcome.

Any company wishing to make Sue Ryder part of their CSR programme should contact the Foundation to discuss an action plan.

For individuals looking for a worthy charity, Please consider donating 1% of taxable income to

Fundacji Sue Ryder number KRS 0000191184


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